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easy sugar scrub recipe

17 Mar

i’m a sucker for cute packaging for spa products but have a hard time paying for things like sugar scrub when it is, well…sugar.

so i make it.  it’s so easy and quite honestly, i like my packaging better.  everything you need is on amazon.com, at the grocery store and probably in your kitchen.

so why do you want to use a sugar scrub?  well, because you’ve got to slough off that winter dead skin and rejuvenate.  and boys, i’m talking to you too.

there are tons of recipes – i encourage you to experiment and have fun.  here’s what i do:

order or get:

Vitamin E oil, good smelling essential oil (remember you will be using this in the morning.  I have orange + grapefruit)

then grab:

olive oil, any kind of sugar (brown, regular, mix) and any kind of nice smelling herb.  in this small batch, i used herbs de provence which is a mix of many great tangy herbs.

IMG_7546lastly, get a nice jar – like a mason jar or you can spend hours on amazon.com searching for cooler jars (like I did) and then go ahead and get those.

put some sugar in a mixing bowl – more than what will fit in the jar.  pour in some olive oil until the sugar is the kind of consistency you like – I like mine pretty moist (least favorite word) then mix it around.  Add some vit. e, a couple drops of essential oil and enough herbs that you can see them in the mix of sugar.  pour in jar.

how to use this

whatever you do – do not shave first.  it won’t feel good.  Scrub the mix lightly (scrub…lightly…oxymoron?) all over and rinse. be careful because the oil might be slick. you will feel so hydrated, so smooth – wonderful!

here is my sister + i making a batch last year.  boy, was i spoiled to have her visit so many times!  i miss her big time.  as you can see, i got the wrong sugar and got the packets by mistake.  we had to open a couple of those.

IMG_0180 IMG_0183 IMG_1052

you may have the urge to watch this while you’re making your sugar scrub:

change is in the air

3 Sep

by now you may have learned that ROF and i are moving…

it’s bittersweet. 

i’ve always embraced change but at the same time there is something in me that wants consistency and same-ness. there is comfort in what you know vs. the fear that comes with what you don’t.  however, i’ve discovered that fear dissipates as soon as you push past it.  then it becomes something that you know.

home is where the heart is and my heart is with ROF.  i gave my mom a sign that says on it “home is where your mom is” and that is true as well.  at least it was true for 39 of my 42 years.  however, having said that… i still do love our home.   and while i’m excited for change, i’m sad to be saying good-bye to a home that i love.  but it’s just a home, right?

i bonded with my sister in this home.  we bought it together 4 years ago and we had a lot of fun.  neither of us planned on it being our “forever house” – obviously – but at the time, we were single and looking to decorate.  and we loved to entertain.  i will forever look back on this time together with great fondness and memories.  then the house became ROF & my house!

the entertaining continues….   if i thought katie and i threw some parties, ROF and i really threw some parties.  all kinds.  small dinner parties, bigger bashes.  one of my favorite was ROF’s 40th birthday surprise party.  they opened an old bottle of tequila and things got fun from there – especially the fun with the cake designed to look just like… max.

another real memorable party was my mom’s 70th birthday party.  we had over 50 people here at our house, a band in the back yard, a mobile burger  unit in the back yard, homemade sangria and a special cake.  we had a blast and mom was so surprised.

i got engaged, married and lived happily ever after in this home.  we had an unbelievable wedding weekend in dallas followed by a brunch at our house with many of our friends and family members.  i’ll always cherish that time with ROF and all the people special to us.

i can’t wait to make new memories in our new place, in our new city.  i hope those memories have to do with first snows, cabin trips with card games and good ole mid-western fun.  but we’ll never forget the fun we had here.  whomever you are that gets this house…you’re lucky.  we all loved it!

if you are interested in this house – click here


live from pagosa

21 Jun

too busy vacationing to write.  here is some eye candy for you:

lunch in durango

the house where we are staying – thank you Beckmans! love it here.

a bit of the view from the inside

lovely durango!

road to the house

bigger picture of the house where we’re staying

best husband/bartender/chef/card player

greetings from colorado

19 Jun

spending some quality time with some very quality folks in beautiful colorado. what an unbelievable blessing it has been to be able to do this two years in a row. i use the word “blessing” and not “lucky” because it ain’t “luck” that got us here to God’s country! we’re staying at some friend’s of ROF’s parent’s house and it is truly unbelievable.

i’ve needed this break for a while. i’ve needed it because i’m truly burnt out. is that PC to say? not too many people admit it when they are burnt out because maybe that is a sign of weakness but i don’t really care. i’m weak right now. so what, i bounce back.

i hate that i have the same goals and objectives for my vacation as i do for “real life”. i feel like i need to be accomplishing something every day. but my mom just said it best: ” i just want to hang out with you guys and have good conversation, play cards and maybe have a glass of wine or two.” just staring at the scenery has transported us. the picture above is one my sister took off the back porch. pretty amazing. here are some more pictures of our trip so far. ROF has made his amazing flank steak (we haven’t eaten meat in months!) and noodles. katie fixed a scrumptious breakfast of poachies this morning.

oh, forgot to tell you a BRILLIANT idea i had. it is based on something we did for a holiday and currently doing. each person has to bring two $25 gift certificates to anything. we then tape them up to a wall. we then play spades, like non-stop, and the winning team gets to pick a certificate – EACH! mom and i won round one and i picked a DSW shoe warehouse card and mom picked a BRAUM’S ice cream card. she orders a “chunky cappuccino chocolate chip in a waffle cone” from there every week and now she can get 16 of them for free thanks to this game. by the way, that was ROF who was thoughtful enough to get that card with her in mind. you woulda thought she’d won the lottery! so the idea is this… i’m going to bring cards back! i’m going to start a monthly thursday night card party at a local restaurant (louie’s side room?) and everyone has to bring XX and we play cards! will keep you posted.

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