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change is in the air

3 Sep

by now you may have learned that ROF and i are moving…

it’s bittersweet. 

i’ve always embraced change but at the same time there is something in me that wants consistency and same-ness. there is comfort in what you know vs. the fear that comes with what you don’t.  however, i’ve discovered that fear dissipates as soon as you push past it.  then it becomes something that you know.

home is where the heart is and my heart is with ROF.  i gave my mom a sign that says on it “home is where your mom is” and that is true as well.  at least it was true for 39 of my 42 years.  however, having said that… i still do love our home.   and while i’m excited for change, i’m sad to be saying good-bye to a home that i love.  but it’s just a home, right?

i bonded with my sister in this home.  we bought it together 4 years ago and we had a lot of fun.  neither of us planned on it being our “forever house” – obviously – but at the time, we were single and looking to decorate.  and we loved to entertain.  i will forever look back on this time together with great fondness and memories.  then the house became ROF & my house!

the entertaining continues….   if i thought katie and i threw some parties, ROF and i really threw some parties.  all kinds.  small dinner parties, bigger bashes.  one of my favorite was ROF’s 40th birthday surprise party.  they opened an old bottle of tequila and things got fun from there – especially the fun with the cake designed to look just like… max.

another real memorable party was my mom’s 70th birthday party.  we had over 50 people here at our house, a band in the back yard, a mobile burger  unit in the back yard, homemade sangria and a special cake.  we had a blast and mom was so surprised.

i got engaged, married and lived happily ever after in this home.  we had an unbelievable wedding weekend in dallas followed by a brunch at our house with many of our friends and family members.  i’ll always cherish that time with ROF and all the people special to us.

i can’t wait to make new memories in our new place, in our new city.  i hope those memories have to do with first snows, cabin trips with card games and good ole mid-western fun.  but we’ll never forget the fun we had here.  whomever you are that gets this house…you’re lucky.  we all loved it!

if you are interested in this house – click here


around my home

6 Nov

i love being home.  and nothing beats saturday mornings.  to be more specific, it’s saturday mornings before 10am.  the air outside (now) is crisp, the sun is just starting to peek out and i just love the feeling of home.

yesterday morning i woke up early and tiptoed around our house with my new iphone snapping photos inside and out of things that caught my attention.  here’s what i snapped:

see if you can find the bulldog in the above picture!

then what i normally do is play on “pinterest” for at least 20 minutes.  it’s so inspiring.  if you still aren’t pinning, read my post on it here.  it is there that i found several design/decorating books i’ll put on my christmas or birthday list:


does anyone miss domino magazine as much as i do?  i actually know the answer to that is yes.  other than back issues of that magazine, this book above was written by the founding editor of the mag.  it is delightful as i flipped through the pages on amazon.

go buy the book @amazon.com

for some reason, i’m into the word “noble” shall save this for later

and then there is grace bonney’s book i wrote earlier about here

ok, well, i hope this finds you well and excited for the extra hour we got today!

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