easy sugar scrub recipe

17 Mar

i’m a sucker for cute packaging for spa products but have a hard time paying for things like sugar scrub when it is, well…sugar.

so i make it.  it’s so easy and quite honestly, i like my packaging better.  everything you need is on amazon.com, at the grocery store and probably in your kitchen.

so why do you want to use a sugar scrub?  well, because you’ve got to slough off that winter dead skin and rejuvenate.  and boys, i’m talking to you too.

there are tons of recipes – i encourage you to experiment and have fun.  here’s what i do:

order or get:

Vitamin E oil, good smelling essential oil (remember you will be using this in the morning.  I have orange + grapefruit)

then grab:

olive oil, any kind of sugar (brown, regular, mix) and any kind of nice smelling herb.  in this small batch, i used herbs de provence which is a mix of many great tangy herbs.

IMG_7546lastly, get a nice jar – like a mason jar or you can spend hours on amazon.com searching for cooler jars (like I did) and then go ahead and get those.

put some sugar in a mixing bowl – more than what will fit in the jar.  pour in some olive oil until the sugar is the kind of consistency you like – I like mine pretty moist (least favorite word) then mix it around.  Add some vit. e, a couple drops of essential oil and enough herbs that you can see them in the mix of sugar.  pour in jar.

how to use this

whatever you do – do not shave first.  it won’t feel good.  Scrub the mix lightly (scrub…lightly…oxymoron?) all over and rinse. be careful because the oil might be slick. you will feel so hydrated, so smooth – wonderful!

here is my sister + i making a batch last year.  boy, was i spoiled to have her visit so many times!  i miss her big time.  as you can see, i got the wrong sugar and got the packets by mistake.  we had to open a couple of those.

IMG_0180 IMG_0183 IMG_1052

you may have the urge to watch this while you’re making your sugar scrub:

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