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greetings from colorado

19 Jun

spending some quality time with some very quality folks in beautiful colorado. what an unbelievable blessing it has been to be able to do this two years in a row. i use the word “blessing” and not “lucky” because it ain’t “luck” that got us here to God’s country! we’re staying at some friend’s of ROF’s parent’s house and it is truly unbelievable.

i’ve needed this break for a while. i’ve needed it because i’m truly burnt out. is that PC to say? not too many people admit it when they are burnt out because maybe that is a sign of weakness but i don’t really care. i’m weak right now. so what, i bounce back.

i hate that i have the same goals and objectives for my vacation as i do for “real life”. i feel like i need to be accomplishing something every day. but my mom just said it best: ” i just want to hang out with you guys and have good conversation, play cards and maybe have a glass of wine or two.” just staring at the scenery has transported us. the picture above is one my sister took off the back porch. pretty amazing. here are some more pictures of our trip so far. ROF has made his amazing flank steak (we haven’t eaten meat in months!) and noodles. katie fixed a scrumptious breakfast of poachies this morning.

oh, forgot to tell you a BRILLIANT idea i had. it is based on something we did for a holiday and currently doing. each person has to bring two $25 gift certificates to anything. we then tape them up to a wall. we then play spades, like non-stop, and the winning team gets to pick a certificate – EACH! mom and i won round one and i picked a DSW shoe warehouse card and mom picked a BRAUM’S ice cream card. she orders a “chunky cappuccino chocolate chip in a waffle cone” from there every week and now she can get 16 of them for free thanks to this game. by the way, that was ROF who was thoughtful enough to get that card with her in mind. you woulda thought she’d won the lottery! so the idea is this… i’m going to bring cards back! i’m going to start a monthly thursday night card party at a local restaurant (louie’s side room?) and everyone has to bring XX and we play cards! will keep you posted.

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