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6 May

ah, sunday.

anticipation – some good and some bad of the week to come.  what will it hold?  good news/bad news, surprises?  will i keep my goals and objectives or will i get off track and will i be ok with that?  we don’t know do we?

if i don’t watch it, anticipation can turn into anxiety.  

so sometimes i turn to pinterest for inspiration.  cheap therapy!  here is what is inspiring me now:

this is a mirror made out of the top of a barrel.  i think this is too cool!  i love unique pieces like this.

i think these are the cutest wine bottle stops from anthropology.  of course who ever needs one of these?

you know what a woody fan i am.  this poster would look good in my pretend office.

i love how creative some people are.

come to mama.

seriously, i nearly went off my rocker when i saw this website.  go here.  you’ll love it, bebe.


yes.  this is true.  time for mad men!  until next week!

breakfasts of creative people

7 Apr

i love breakfast.

i love the pageantry – the cracking of eggs, waft of bacon, the coffee brewing.  the smells and sounds that get sleepyheads all over the house stirring.  i love morning music (listening to it now, which would be my “downright good music” playlist on spotify.)

i thought i’d curate some different breakfasts for you.  all links are below on on my board here on pinterest.

amaretto french toast bites with pecans.

  click here for recipe from sweet paul magazine

french toast kebabs

click here for recipe and an awesome shower idea from the city of dionne blog.

overnight oats – 2 ways

see pepper lynn’s blog here for the very cool recipe. 

NOLA shrimp & grits

although i’m a firm believer in breakfast food for breakfast – this cheddary mix looks so good to me.  prolly cuz i’ve been eating so well and couldn’t ever eat this right now.  but if you can, get the recipe here.

like i could eat this either.  WHAT AM I DOING TORTURING MYSELF!  (calm down)

i appreciate cinnamon roll waffles.  find them here from recipe girl.

ever since mom told me

that she attended a wedding in DC that had a fantastic brunch and they served mini pancakes on a toothpick – i’ve loved that idea!  how cute are these little buggers?

coffee with nametag sleeves and a donut hole stirrer.  some people are just TOO clever (such a thing? not)

i’ve had some pretty good posts, if i do say myself, already on breakfast:

1. katherine glass’ post on breakfast for dinner was yummy beyond belief.

2. sarah voet’s post on healthy, healthy waffles has been requested several times!

3. and yours truly posted on some eggs in a basket i made off a pinterest pin that turned out awesome.

now, go eat some breakfast!

t-shirt quilts

18 Feb

my sister-in-law made these two beautiful quilts out of t-shirts.-

these are great to throw on a bed or wrap up in on a chilly evening

i think these are incredible! sarah, susan’s daughter, was a chi omega at ohio university and had a ton of tees that held great memories for her. to tie them all together in one place is a brilliant idea! check this quilt out. click on the picture to make it bigger.

then she made a gift for some friends of her son this quilt made from t-shirts of the colleges and schools that their kids attended. they have it at their lake house.

don’t you have a ton of t-shirts you want to keep because of good memories but are taking too much room in your closet?

appreciating: style

28 Oct

doesn’t that sound a bit on the narcissistic side, that i’d want to lift up and appreciate my style on my own blog?

oh well it may not be what you think.

having a style is more than what you wear, it’s how you define yourself. notice how i said “define yourself” not how others would define you. it’s how you express who you are on the inside and that is what makes it so interesting. other people are involved in your style and the best way is when they recognize something that would be “so you”. it means you’ve defined yourself – your style so well, that people attribute something to be “so you”. it always makes me smile when someone says ” i saw this thing today that was so you… i know you would love it”. it can be clothes, jewelry, home decor – anything. i think i’ve already told you that a friend i worked with in chicago told me after i left that she went out to lunch and thought of me the whole time (ha ha – not because she wolfed down a burger) because she bought some tuberoses for her office and listened to jill scott in her headphones. i love that!

celebrities usually have a strong sense of style because well, they have someone help them. they are called a stylist. you should hang out with a stylist. they are the REAL ones with style – so much so that they can mold and shape you into someone who has a “look”.

but speaking of celebrities, diane keaton is my style hero. nevermind that she was a woody allen muse for so long but that girl has some style and always has.

she first came on the scene strong in annie hall. this look is so diane and always will be.

this is my favorite picture below and one of my favorite scenes from annie hall. she is so awkward and funny with woody and it just makes you smile.

no woman, except katerine hepburn wore mens clothes

look how young and cool she is!

her style from her movies expressed itself in her own style. she always rocked the hat, and still does

and along with hats – it’s glasses (being a glasses girl myself, i love this! lasik doesn’t have as much style, does it?

i started out talking about my style, and honestly (between you and me) i’m a bit depressed about my style. right now my style lives on a pinterest board i created called “when i am skinny”. i’m at an all time high and so down and out that who i am on the inside is not matching who i am on the outside. don’t get all sorry for me… things don’t stay that way forever and there is a thought of a plan… but that is frustrating, isn’t it? right now, stress has won the last few rounds in the fight to take over my ‘style’ but i have not been knocked down! style always prevails…

i’m off traveling again, so stay tuned (exciting…!) to see where i’ll pop up tomorrow. have a great day!

5 lovely links (you’ll love!) spooky desserts

18 Oct

halloween is right around the corner. 

that used to be my favorite holiday.  i loved getting dressed up and i especially remember the feeling when i was younger of pretending not to be afraid and then being really scared.  i loved the whole pumpkin carving thing, the trick or treating in the cold michigan weather with my dad holding our hands and making stupid ghost noises.

here are some fun desserts to make with your kiddos or loved ones…

all my goodies are on my pinterest page here:

all the rage: pinterest.com

30 Sep

seriously, life is too short not to pinterest.

WARNING WARNING:  RANT AHEAD:  if i hear one more person say something to me like “i’m just too busy for that kind of thing” i am going to puke.  you know what that is the equivalent to?  when you were 15 years old and CDs were the “new” rage and your parent refused to use them but wanted to use records because (and i quote) “those new fangled CDs will never catch on and i just don’t understand technology”.

remember how we used to giggle at our archaic parents?  

NOW YOU ARE THEM.  every time you say “i don’t have time to facebook or tweet or spotify” you are looking the current generation square in the face and saying “I’M OLD!!”  do you want that?  do you want to be irrelevant?  NO!!  plus, you want to be able to connect intelligently with your kids don’t you?  well – get with it!!

RANT OVER.  ok.  here is what pinterest is in their own words:

this, girls, is better than shopping, tv reality shows – anything!  not only can you check out and sort by:

but you can see what other people think is cool and then save it on your boards.  it is like a cool, way to save everything you like on-line.  so i have boards named “breakfast for company” – and i’ve pinned pictures of recipes that LINK to the original post.  i have a board that is named “gifts” so i can save to a place and remember where i liked that vintage cooler i wanted to get someone for christmas.    this is what mine looks like:

look at the buzzzz:

have fun and follow me  – i’ll follow you!

XXOO  hello weekend!

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