all the rage:

seriously, life is too short not to pinterest.

WARNING WARNING:  RANT AHEAD:  if i hear one more person say something to me like “i’m just too busy for that kind of thing” i am going to puke.  you know what that is the equivalent to?  when you were 15 years old and CDs were the “new” rage and your parent refused to use them but wanted to use records because (and i quote) “those new fangled CDs will never catch on and i just don’t understand technology”.

remember how we used to giggle at our archaic parents?  

NOW YOU ARE THEM.  every time you say “i don’t have time to facebook or tweet or spotify” you are looking the current generation square in the face and saying “I’M OLD!!”  do you want that?  do you want to be irrelevant?  NO!!  plus, you want to be able to connect intelligently with your kids don’t you?  well – get with it!!

RANT OVER.  ok.  here is what pinterest is in their own words:

this, girls, is better than shopping, tv reality shows – anything!  not only can you check out and sort by:

but you can see what other people think is cool and then save it on your boards.  it is like a cool, way to save everything you like on-line.  so i have boards named “breakfast for company” – and i’ve pinned pictures of recipes that LINK to the original post.  i have a board that is named “gifts” so i can save to a place and remember where i liked that vintage cooler i wanted to get someone for christmas.    this is what mine looks like:

look at the buzzzz:

have fun and follow me  – i’ll follow you!

XXOO  hello weekend!

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