week in review

1 Oct

happy cool saturday in big d.

crazy week for us all, eh?  my week started with a day off as ROF and i headed back from a great anniversary mini trip to san antonio. 

i cancelled a trip to LA i had planned because work at hand required me staying put.

got together with bestest megen for delivery to me a very humorous anniversary gift and good talks and laughs at my fave times ten cellars.

couldn’t snap pics of our agency 720 dinner on thursday night at via real with our ceo, harold, who was in town.  it was so great to be with lindsey, jackie, angie (HOLLA!)  and folks as us “social” folks are isolated downtown away from the crew. (boo hoo)

last night, we got to visit with paul, kelly & their adorable lil sophia.  also tod, betsy and their 5 month old lilly who is as sweet as she is beautiful.  we went to mia’s on lemmon.

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