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it’s fall … make a great chicken recipe!

8 Oct

this week i’m heading to beautiful new york state and i get the opportunity to pop in to spend some QT (quality time) with some of my very favorite people in the world.  that would be the prendevilles!  

in honor of that, i’m going to repost susan’s awesome chicken recipe from last year.  you must know that it was and still is my #1 most looked-at post!

so looking forward to seeing you this week!

hi, my name is susan

and i am lucky enough to be “the appreciator’s” sister in law and ROF’s sister. she asked me to share a recipe and since i would do anything for her, i agreed. leave it to the appreciator to invite guest bloggers – always the includer.

dear trish – my sister in law on my husband’s side – made this dish when we visited years ago and it has become a family favorite. i selected this recipe because i wanted the opportunity to tell you about (appreciate) trish.

trish & my mother-in-law eileen

she is a gentle soul and one of the best listeners i know. one of the things i like best about her is the way she shows me things. trish tells the story and holds the thing in her cupped hands in a way that conveys her treasure of it. i can always feel her feelings… when she shows and tells.

trish has given me:

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t-shirt quilts

18 Feb

my sister-in-law made these two beautiful quilts out of t-shirts.-

these are great to throw on a bed or wrap up in on a chilly evening

i think these are incredible! sarah, susan’s daughter, was a chi omega at ohio university and had a ton of tees that held great memories for her. to tie them all together in one place is a brilliant idea! check this quilt out. click on the picture to make it bigger.

then she made a gift for some friends of her son this quilt made from t-shirts of the colleges and schools that their kids attended. they have it at their lake house.

don’t you have a ton of t-shirts you want to keep because of good memories but are taking too much room in your closet?

appreciating this: sweet smelling sheets

6 Jan

fresh bed, fresh start

i am obsessed with my clean fresh bed.

first, good 100% cotton sheets, almost always white with a high thread count but not too high because i like them crisp, a little stiff. the sheets are washed and then hung to dry outside on my clothesline. then ironed, yup, i know that is crazy. then made just right, tight and smooth and tucked in perfectly so that they stay just where they belong all week. a cotton quilt tucked in with the sheets and a down comforter on top. oh and soft down pillows.

when i get in my fresh bed with clean sheets i say to mike, “ ahhh, clean sheets”. he smiles. sheets that have hung on the line to dry smell amazing and, like i mentioned, they are crisp. they make me feel so content, so pleased and comfortable.

thanks susan prendeville! by the way, i think that could be an awesome store – IRONED SHEETS. drop them off in the morning and pick them up in the evening. it would be a normal household chore – pick up some diet coke and drop off the sheets. i haven’t ironed MY CLOTHES in years let alone my sheets, but i have to say it sounds mighty comfortable and looks amazing.

christmas from the east coast!

25 Dec

Merry Christmas everyone!!  here i am in beautiful new jersey!  once again, susan is going to tell us all about her family’s traditions and this year, i’m so blessed that ROF and i are a part of it!

another tradition i love

around the holidays is spending christmas day at ellen and bill’s house.  my husband comes from a large and wonderful family, he is one of 10 children, and ellen is mike’s younger sister.  she has a beautiful home that I have said many times is the perfect place to spend christmas.  ellen and bill’s home is spectacularly decorated and there is plenty of wonderful and delicious food and drink.  there are many lovely places to sit and visit with family and friends.  people talk and laugh, catch up or nap,  and watch the children or the tvs.  People gather around fires in the fireplaces, out back near the fire pit and of course in the kitchen.  ellen and bill are perfect christmas hosts.

more important then all of these things though, is the feeling of christmas.  it is warm and welcome and calm and secure. i am grateful to be part of this wonderful family and to have spent so many perfect christmas days at ellen and bills house.

appreciating disappointment

20 Dec

i appreciate my sister-in-law, Susan,  for being so honest:

every one of us has something that we hide, something that we are
ashamed of.  and every once in a while that thing becomes exposed and
we either lose something that is precious to us, or our self esteem
takes a serious blow or we hurt someone who we would rather die than
hurt.  sometimes it can be repaired and sometimes important things are

i have told my kids that it is fun to be their mother.  i can say, oh
yes, he won the election, was chosen,  plays D1 football,  has an
amazing job, is beautiful and smart and doing exactly the kinds of
things that mothers are proud of.  but obviously they have  
disappointments and do things that hurt themselves and others and of
course i talk much less about those things.

recently, i finished one job in order to start another and the
situation at the job I was leaving deteriorated in a way that i am not
proud of at the very end.  i was ashamed and exposed in front of my  
family but i did not hide it from them.  it has been so important to
me, every single day that i have had the privilege to have my
children, that i am a good mother.  i felt that this time, being a
good mother would be letting my kids see my mistakes and talking to
them about being human, which means not only triumph but making
mistakes, learning from them and trying with all your might to move
forward smarter, more humble, more ready for the next thing that life
sends your way.

this week, my child had a bitter disappointment and feels remorse, as
is appropriate, and my mothers heart is broken for everyone involved.
i must say… this is life, good and bad, you are human, you will heal,  
be humble, take responsibility, please God, learn from your mistakes.
and even in setback, appreciate.

appreciating susan…

16 Nov

but i hope not embarrassing her by talking about her so much!

susan and mike kindly put us up this past thursday through sunday.  i was in nyc for a conference and ROF flew in and we spent some quality time together.  i treasure the time we get to spend because it is never enough.  luckily, we get to go back very soon.  i hope that susan doesn’t think that everytime i come over i’m going to shoot pictures and blog about her (that would be uncomfortable, to say the least!) but i do want to give a shout out to her meals but something even more than that.

listen up those of you who have company coming over the holidays

i’ve learned something important from susan – ya gotta have a plan.  susan is a fantastic cook but also one that isn’t slaving away in the kitchen while you try and talk while assembling a meal.  for example, breakfasts were all planned, she had pre-made everything, so it just needed to be warmed.  when we went to the football game on saturday, she used a crock pot so not only was dinner ready when we got home, the house smelled so good.  so i’ve decided to give her a holla about the great meals she fixed while we were there. 

first, there was the sausage & peppas (peppers, but i like to use an italian accent here)  this was a request from my boy.  his favorite.  and i know why.  we’re going to have to get that recipe, susan.  she also made an edamame salad with red onion and a tangy dressing.

then for lunch the next day, she popped in a mac & cheese casserole with ham.  it was so good and fun to have a nice lunch together.  not your typical peanut butter and jelly, my friends!

we’re talking so much about food here, folks but you wouldn’t believe the fall foliage we were looking at!  I snapped a ton of shots:

just looking out the front door! lovely.

ok, back to food.  after lunch was a to-die for (made by susan in advance…) chocolate cake.  can you say good.  i especially loved the chocolate chips on top, they were slightly melty.

i’m sorry, i didn’t mean to get that close up!  i am drooling right now.  thank god it’s my husbands pillow i’m on, not mine.

that night, it was girls night and susan and i went to an awesome restaurant for dinner.  il mondo vecchio was the name of it and it was in madison, new jersey.  what a place!!  it was so quaint and nice inside.  the food was to die for.  i had the butternut squash ravioli and susan had the mushroom ravioli but we started with the special scallops in a saffron sauce.  would have loved to have snapped a pic of the food but it was gone before i could think of it.  thanks susan for the chats and the great place. 

Lastly, we take the food journey to breakfast the next day…this coffee cake (again, made in advance) waited for us that morning.

and there we complete our journey.  i was too tired to snap pictures of the moist (lol) pot roast, baked potatoes and brussel sprouts that was for dinner that night after the game.  sorry.  bad blogger.  but bucknell won!

thanks susan, mike and michael for opening your home to us this past weekend.  we had a great time and loved being with you!  xxoo

nyc photo blog

11 Nov

too busy having fun and learning to blog this week. 

16 seminars and 4 keynote speakers down from the adtech conference in nyc this week – and all is firmly implanted in brain.  great thing to realize?  that we’re doing social media right.  great to find that out at the worlds largest digital and social conference.  here are some pics from this week.  more on my wonderful time (in progress!!) with the prendevilles later.  click on photos to make larger.  blessed to have been able to go to this conference and be able to spend quality time with partners.  ROF flew in Wednesday and we were able to have a great dinner together before a full day of seminars and classes on thursday and then – vacation day!  loved seeing good friend laura arnold at adtech too.

live from new jersey – hurricane lessons

28 Aug

we break into your regular scheduled programming

for an accounting of  hurricane irene damage.  guest recipe blogger and now on-the-scene reporter from new jersey, susan prendeville gives us some smart lessons learned this weekend.


i was a little smug and mildly excited.  we had been getting calls and texts all day asking “are you ok, scared, ready”?  mikes favorite show is “man vs. wild”  – we will be fine, i assured.  we live on a hill, so there was really no danger of flooding.  we had done the things one does:  gone to the grocery store, had 5 days of water and food like the governor suggested.  we had collected candles and flashlights and batteries.  i had prepared some no-cook foods like quesadillas and potato salad and cut up fruit.  mike was home before the rain started in earnest.  we watched the weather channel, had a drink, made coffee and put it in a thermos for the morning.  all evening we felt ready, we were ready, it was a really nice evening!



i had fallen asleep a while ago but the wind and rain woke me.  i had a message from my brother ROF, clever fellow, asking if he had the right number –  he was asking for irene –  have her call him, haha and a text from ‘the appreciator’ saying that she had said a prayer for us.  i went into the living room with my computer and checked my facebook (so many clever and slightly alarmed hurricane posts), the storm tracker (still a few hours before the real storm hit), and then the news (serious…hype…who knows).  i was just turning off lights when we lost power so I grabbed a flashlight and went back to bed and then to sleep without too much trouble.


oh yea, i think i forgot to mention that many big old trees surround our home. 

 mike heard a loud noise and bound from the bed and ran to the rear of the house which woke me and i followed him.  we figured out pretty quickly that a tree had fallen.  we went from window to window, upstairs and down, and almost all of them were covered in branches and leaves and the back door was blocked too. it was pitch dark out, the wind was whipping and the rain was pouring down.  we couldn’t see much but figured out that it was a maple by the leaves pressed against the window.  it must be the maple that stood by the great room, a favorite tree really, so sad.  now though, there was nothing to do but go back to bed and wait for mornings light. 

I lay there

and looked out the window at the treetops swaying wildly and the lightning flashes. I heard the thunder crashing and the rain beating the windows.   stomach was hurting, i was sweating, heart was pounding.  afraid, i cuddled against mike for comfort.  after what felt like a long time i finally fell back to sleep.


mike and i slept until morning light and then we woke and looked around outside.  it was not one huge tree that fell but three huge trees.  one of the trees lies feet from the house and stretches the whole length of it.  tree limbs have torn the gutters and screens off the back of the house and crushed the air conditioner.  one of the trees is resting on both of our cars. 


we are lucky that the trees did not crush our house and that we survived!  i’m serious and i am no longer smug or excited. 

the moral:

evacuate, prepare, listen to the governor, prioritize, be humble, be thankful.


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