appreciating this: sweet smelling sheets

fresh bed, fresh start

i am obsessed with my clean fresh bed.

first, good 100% cotton sheets, almost always white with a high thread count but not too high because i like them crisp, a little stiff. the sheets are washed and then hung to dry outside on my clothesline. then ironed, yup, i know that is crazy. then made just right, tight and smooth and tucked in perfectly so that they stay just where they belong all week. a cotton quilt tucked in with the sheets and a down comforter on top. oh and soft down pillows.

when i get in my fresh bed with clean sheets i say to mike, “ ahhh, clean sheets”. he smiles. sheets that have hung on the line to dry smell amazing and, like i mentioned, they are crisp. they make me feel so content, so pleased and comfortable.

thanks susan prendeville! by the way, i think that could be an awesome store – IRONED SHEETS. drop them off in the morning and pick them up in the evening. it would be a normal household chore – pick up some diet coke and drop off the sheets. i haven’t ironed MY CLOTHES in years let alone my sheets, but i have to say it sounds mighty comfortable and looks amazing.

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