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nyc photo blog

11 Nov

too busy having fun and learning to blog this week. 

16 seminars and 4 keynote speakers down from the adtech conference in nyc this week – and all is firmly implanted in brain.  great thing to realize?  that we’re doing social media right.  great to find that out at the worlds largest digital and social conference.  here are some pics from this week.  more on my wonderful time (in progress!!) with the prendevilles later.  click on photos to make larger.  blessed to have been able to go to this conference and be able to spend quality time with partners.  ROF flew in Wednesday and we were able to have a great dinner together before a full day of seminars and classes on thursday and then – vacation day!  loved seeing good friend laura arnold at adtech too.

how an irish lass came to make a mean rice ball!

28 Sep

hi.  i’m jeanie hornung.  friends with “the appreciator”. 

when i met my husband it was pretty much love at first sight…i mean he was just smitten with me (hehe)!  not long after that, we went to his home town of gloversville, ny to meet the fam.

well, i’m about as irish as the day is long but was delighted to meet his family which is SO italian! 

and when i say italian…I mean ITALIAN…

i met them all….uncle charlie, uncle mimi, uncle fonzie, cousin mario, cousin chuckie and of course grandma and grandpa franco.  they were (and still are) loud, loving and full of life! 

they also love to eat

they pride themselves and argue about who makes the best puttanesca, pizza rustica, potato gateau and stroffoli.  rice balls happen to be a particular franco family favorite and it is accepted  that grandma franco made the best rice balls.   her rice balls were on every holiday table and made frequent appearances for weekly sunday dinners.  grandma franco passed away a couple of years ago and we miss her a lot.  grandpa still carries on her tradition and makes rice balls every time we’re home to visit.

we make grandma’s rice balls on occasion 

and i can’t think of a better way to honor her memory than to pass on not only her recipe but love of family to my children.  try as i might to perfect them, they still let me know that while my efforts may be acceptable, they are still not grandma franco’s rice balls!

this is a picture of the Our Lady of Mt Carmel Church cookbook that grandma gave to me with her rice ball recipe included among some other gems. 

rice balls recipe

1 lb of river rice (or long grain rice)

3 eggs

parsley ( no measurement…so just guess)

1 stick of butter

salt and pepper to taste

1 handful of grated cheese (no specifics here either, but we’re Italian so go with Parm)

Breadcrumbs  ( use what you need to bring mixture together)

boil rice until almost cooked.  drain and put in bowl.

add eggs, butter, parsley and remaining ingredients including enough breadcrumbs to firm up the mix.  

mix well with hands until nice and firm. 

roll into balls  – a little bit bigger than golf balls.  roll into breadcrumbs.

deep fry in the fat of your choice ( this sentence make me laugh).   make sure the fat is piping hot.

cook until brown. this is what they look like before you put them into the fat of your choice:

you can serve with or without red sauce,

but always with a big loud dose of italian love!

jeanie’s best of boston

7 Sep

by jeanie hornung, president of touchstone marketing group

what do you love the most about boston?

wow, that’s a tough question because I love so many things about boston.  but if I had to limit myself to “the most” then I would have to say  family (and friends).  

do you miss it?

desperately.  but not so desperately in the winter!

if you brought a friend to boston who had never been before, what would the top 3 non-food places you’d have to show them? 

fenway park, the freedom trail and nantucket.

give us a great breakfast place, lunch place and your favorite casual dinner place?

doyle’s in jamaica plain has the MOST amazing corned beef hash…none of that canned stuff, big chunks of corned beef and they serve the hash on english muffins with poached eggs and hollandaise.

for lunch  I would take you to a great seafood restaurant.  we just had  great lunch at the mill wharf on scituate harbor a couple of months ago.  the view is spectacular and we enjoyed  stuffed quahogs, clam chowder, shrimp cocktail and lobster rolls.

for dinner I would take you to my cousin richard’s restaurant woody’s.  they’ve been honored with a “Best of Boston” award for pizza.   their pizza is spectacular...thin crust in a cooked in a scorching wood fired oven.   it’s a real neighborhood restaurant located in the fenway section of boston.

where would you stay and why?

i would spend a few days in Boston at the four seasons and then spend a few days on nantucket at the white elephant.

if you were going to have a ‘power’ business lunch in boston, where would it be? 

The bristol lounge at the four seasons is a great place for lunch in Boston.

i’m a fan of seafood.  boston seems to be a great place to get it.  what kind of seafood do i HAVE to try in boston?

you have to go LOCAL when it comes to seafood, so you must have clams casino, clam chowder, stuffed quahogs, lobster (any way) and you have to have baked scrod.  boy ….i miss boston seafood!

Last question.
if you could hold a happy hour with 5 people who would they be – living or dead ?

my dad, gandhi, eleanor roosevelt, paul revere, anne frank and harriet tubman. my dad died when i was three and i’d sure like to enjoy a glass of wine with him. i’m a big history buff and have admired the others for some time.  their incredible bravery and courage in the face of adversity is admirable and i’d love to be able to spend time and converse with all of them.

saturday: week in review

3 Sep

thankful to have had a fantastic week. 

no traveling this week but lots of work.  it started out last sunday with a breakfast fit for a king for ROF (my king) and moved on to monday and lunch with good friends and fantastic business associates (@jeaniehornung and the marvelous alex harland) @ rise no.1.  the sweetest slice of paris in dallas.  (notice a theme here)

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