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Weekend Playlists

23 Jun

Music is a big part of any fantastic weekend. Whether you’re running around with errands, road tripping with family, making dinner or just lounging around-it’s all better with music.

I’ve curated not one but two incredible playlists for you. I know they’re good because I’ve listened to them a million times.

Chainsmoking + Vodka is perfect if you are chilling out this weekend.  Check out WILDFIRE by Mandolin Orange which I snagged from the great coffeehouse PORTER here in Madison.  I do have to warn you, the new Ben Howard song is way out there but I admit, I LOVE IT.  ROF wasn’t too keen on it.  Let me know if you’re a fan.

Mascara + Chardonnay was originally compiled for women only. But I realize that men have good taste in music too.  ha. laughs. jokes.  I bet you can picture me singing “1950” at the top of my lungs.  Because I do. I first heard the Ed Sheeran song at my friends cabin up north and had to snag that jam.

Enjoy!  Spotify links below .


2 things for tuesday – maple + einaudi

14 Nov

it’s 2 for tuesday.  here’s a little sumethin-sumethin for you on this most lovely tuesday.

these are two things i feel like talking about and since it’s my blog, i will.  you’ll thank me for it.  if you like to eat and like to listen to good music, you’re in for a treat. keep reading…

forget you, pumpkin spice. i want maple.

sure, i love to light a pumpkin soufflé candle from anthro like the rest of you, but i’m in love with another fall flavor.  it’s a flavor that takes a backseat to what we’ll call PS from now on but is (in my humble opinion) so much better.

why should maple be relegated to just a sunday morning pancake topper?  brace your taste buds for these snaps:

starting clockwise from upper left:

  1. creamy maple brie and cheddar apple soup// thanks to kevin lynch and the closet cooking website

  2. pastry wrapped baked brie with maple butter roasted apples//thanks to tieghan and the half-baked harvest blog

  3. maple glazed bacon wrapped roasted carrots//thanks again to the closet cooking website

  4. maple dijon chicken thighs//thanks to budget byte$ blog

if those recipes don’t make your mouth crave some maple… i’ve collected 15 others on my pinterest board that will!  see them here!


2 for tuesday – #2

get hip to ludovico einaudi

inspired initially by reading my favorite book and learning that listening to certain types of music and the SAME music while you work over and over again increase productivity (it works!) i stumbled upon this brilliant italian composer and pianist.  if you want to play a soundtrack to:

  • enrich the background of your life
  • make you think, make you happy, make you contemplate
  • help you concentrate
  • force you to meditate, let go

listen to einaudi.  i have done 2 things for you.  i’ve cultivated a playlist to listen to IN ORDER here:

also, here is a playlist that is my work playlist that i personally love.  you might love it too! then again, you might need more of a motley crue type of playlist!

make it a great tuesday!  i’m grateful for you!

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