Weekend Playlists

Music is a big part of any fantastic weekend. Whether you’re running around with errands, road tripping with family, making dinner or just lounging around-it’s all better with music.

I’ve curated not one but two incredible playlists for you. I know they’re good because I’ve listened to them a million times.

Chainsmoking + Vodka is perfect if you are chilling out this weekend.  Check out WILDFIRE by Mandolin Orange which I snagged from the great coffeehouse PORTER here in Madison.  I do have to warn you, the new Ben Howard song is way out there but I admit, I LOVE IT.  ROF wasn’t too keen on it.  Let me know if you’re a fan.

Mascara + Chardonnay was originally compiled for women only. But I realize that men have good taste in music too.  ha. laughs. jokes.  I bet you can picture me singing “1950” at the top of my lungs.  Because I do. I first heard the Ed Sheeran song at my friends cabin up north and had to snag that jam.

Enjoy!  Spotify links below .


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