tuesday: 5 lovely links (you’ll love)

everyone needs an soundtrack or anthem for their life.  right?

then again, maybe life is too broad, let’s take it back a couple levels.  not your life per se, as you may get tired of the same song over and over again,  but for your mood.  yes.  you know that song that gets your blood pumping, your mind racing.  maybe even anthem is too strong of a word as well.  it’s not as if we all need the theme from rocky to play constantly in our minds.  however, that would be nice, would it not? – it was an inspiring theme. 

i appreciate all kinds of music but it’s the kind of music that seems like it amplifies my imagination or my surroundings that i love.  for a long time it was moby.  hate or love him (and yes I know I’m dating myself) but drop “porcelain” from his play cd on as you walk through a swank, new york hotel, bustling airport or even driving to work and somehow it elevates you to a whole new level.  you’re not driving to work now with this track….you’re in a movie and playing the lead. 

do I think too much? or watch too many movies?

here is a list of other songs that do the same for me:

Zero 7 “somersault” (dangermouse remix)
Anything by thievery corporation
Massive Attack “Unfinished Sympathy”
Daft Punk “Digital Love”
Jill Scott “a long walk”
Metric “help I’m alive”

And the list goes on.  I made a playlist for you here.

But back to the links.

Here are 5 links to discovering your anthem:

megen will like this one.  fellow south african miss moss has a super fantastic blog

that includes a ton of playlists you can download all the music for free. 

thanks to miss moss, i found leann grimes.  not to be confused with the country singer with similar name

i used to love to go listen to cds with my dad and discover new artists.

now you can do that with hype machine.  my sister will love this site

last.fm is discovery music too.  very cool concept.

lastly, spotify is all that it’s cracked up to be.  i have some free invites left.  it has..everything.  plus a new concept – you don’t have to download music.  so for $10/month, i can download EVERYTHING (and the kitchen sink) and i can play it off line.  i can stream music on to my iphone and then plug into speakers. done.  it has fed my absolute addiction to FOSTER THE PEOPLE

ok, go out and make your soundtrack now!

talk to you tomorrow.

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