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music you must immediately add to playlist

30 May
if you know me, which you may and may not, you know that one of the key tenets or drivers in my life is music.  always has been and always will be.  read here and here if you want to know more.
certain songs or albums hit repeat or epic status with me every now and then.  it’s those songs i can remember exactly what i was doing, who i was with and where i was.
ok. quit the small talk and get to it.
i’m in love again.
spoon’s new album (is it new? i’m usually a little late to the game!) is unbelievable.  but the song CAN I SIT NEXT TO YOU is epic.  i would love to link to the video but it’s a little weird.  but play it like, real loud.
in your headphones as you tackle the treadmill, as you commute in the grind,
as you stretch in the morning and say your morning THANK YOU FOR BEING ALIVE prayers.
ROF, be warned, this is the new foster the people repeat craziness you endured when we first got married.  
it’s in here if you want a listen:
back to the more important 10 WAYS TO SAVE THE WORLD reads.  i’m hoping to make your day brighter with this quick add.
happy tuesday!

listening to this…

7 Apr

hey! happy thursday. i’m jetsetting around wisconsin this week…it’s almost spring!

here is what I’m jamming out to in the rent car this week.  don’t get all crazy and shuffle it.  start at the top the ole fashioned way.

tuesday: 5 lovely links (you’ll love)

15 Aug

everyone needs an soundtrack or anthem for their life.  right?

then again, maybe life is too broad, let’s take it back a couple levels.  not your life per se, as you may get tired of the same song over and over again,  but for your mood.  yes.  you know that song that gets your blood pumping, your mind racing.  maybe even anthem is too strong of a word as well.  it’s not as if we all need the theme from rocky to play constantly in our minds.  however, that would be nice, would it not? – it was an inspiring theme. 

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