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15 Aug

how many of you are eagerly anticipating the return of mad men on amc next year?  i am.

if you’re not hip to this show that will be going into its 5th season, then get hip.  no, really.  go get the entire first 4 seasons or buy them on itunes and watch 3 or 4 at a time.  get ready.  i will tell you that it took me a couple of episodes to get into it but rof and i did get into it.

kinda puts me in the mood

for more retro and vintage things.

fortunella vintage poster from tonto-kiddstyle 4 you website,

computer wallpaper by deviantart,  boring people by accidentswillhappen

ultraswank ads and i saved the very best for last.  meet noreen and maurine

from an ebay lot of about 60 snapshots of the twins Maurine and Noreene (could also be Norine). No last name or locale given– the dealer thinks they might have lived in Denison Texas –but the sisters were clearly Irish-American and had a zesty taste in fashion!

What do you think?

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