what a deal!

25 Jul

monday morning rush to work is under way, pining towards another weekend.  this weekend was full of friends and family.  as posted earlier, we said goodbye to bill on saturday morning.  very bittersweet – glad for his summer to start, sad for us saps who just loved having a “younger gent” around.  my quest for staying relevant is up against just plain… age.  Anyhoo… the rest of the weekend was fantastic.  paul & kelly came over for dinner saturday night.  i did a french theme dinner table (see below) and we had:

pounded down chicken breasts marinated in white wine and herbs

french potatoes – chives, olive oil, white wine vinegar and such

asparagus – the thin, skinny kind

sunday, we had the voet’s – joe, sarah & nola over for cards.  we have a monthly on-going spades game – girls against boys – and even with lil nola helping us, the girls lost.  ok, it might have been me losing nil in the very last trick played.  arguably, cards is the single most fun time you can have with other people.  i wish it was more prevalent in our day and age.   not only can you sit and catch up, but you are all focused on playing cards, smack talking and breakouts of giggles.  i don’t know about you, but sometimes i don’t want to make conversation and worry about making sure everyone is having fun.  yes, i worry about that.  kind of a self-imposed ringmaster of sorts.  cards takes that all away.  we ordered a pizza, screamed, yelled, hit each other, laughed and got caught up on activities done over the past month.  oh, what a good time.  here are the best card games for groups:

spades or hearts

gin rummy or contract rummy.

of course, ROF and i have an on-going gin game between each other. we have good days, bad days and we look forward to seeing if  “this is our day” to win.  I once read that couples should have at least one indoor activity and one outdoor activity.  cards is definitely our indoor activity.  but we like to take it outdoors too-  talk to you more tomorrow!

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