5 lovely links (you’ll love)

could it possibly be any hotter?

raise your hand if you’ve had it.  this is insane, crazy heat down here in texas and from what i read – pretty much everywhere.  Here are some links to make it better.  at least maybe a little bit…

Cool Link #1: what cools you down more than ice?  well, forget those boring, ice machine ice cubes!  Real Simple magazine has some real creative cube trays, you must check out here.

Cool Link #2: Martha (Stewart, that is) has a ton of fantastic recipes for cucumbers.  after all, we want to be cool as a cuke.

Cool Link #3: Real Beauty has some ideas for some instant chill pills and beauty products.  these are real ingenious.  Visit them here.

Cool Link #4:  what do you care the most about in this heat?  B.O. of course!  daily candy ran these deos through the ringer and you’ve got to check some out.  let me know your thoughts.

and then lastly… check out refinery 29’s site that covers these sweet popsicle molds.  clever, clever, clever!

what keeps you cool?  tell me below.  thanks for reading


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  1. LOVE cucumbers. Just finished off the last of my cold cucumber soup…delish! Can’t wait to try some more cuke recipes!

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