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11 Oct

nothing is better than a cool hotel room

well, there are better things, but don’t you just love staying at hip hotels? it is the ultimate pampering and splurge and luxury. here are some hotels i love and admire.

we’re going to start our journey with a place in dallas. the place we stayed at for two nights during our wedding weekend – the loft suite at the joule hotel downtown. now, that was fun without a doubt. i wish my mom and sister had a chance to see it. pictures do not do it justice. ROF and i decided that we could have definitely lived there forever.

if i had to pick a place to define who i am or better yet who i’d want to be...i’d pick new york city. there is this energy that is like none other the minute i land. it’s funky, chilly, full of life and adventure, history and confidence. the music dropped in the background would be some downbeat house music. i get to go there twice this fall and i’m jazzed. already doing the research on what to do and where to go. when i go over christmas, i just can’t wait to hang with the prendevilles. so here’s one of my faves. i have never stayed here but definitely eaten here

the mercer hotel

not new, but still the place to be.

robert de nero’s place in tribeca looks uber awesome:

nyc is for me but i didn’t complain when i was put up at the sunset marquis in los angeles.

one of my favorite hotels in the world is hotel villa caletas in costa rica. we only had drinks at sunset at this amazing place, but always dreamed to go back there and would love to go with ROF. to give you a visual, we climbed a hill SO STEEP getting to this place. i really think i audibly heard the big giant cheesy bus holding all of us ford dealers say “i think i can, i think i can” trying to get up that hill. but this hotel high atop a mountain overlooked the rain forest and to the sea. once we got off the bus, no words were spoke as we were handed a cocktail and asked to gather around the amplitheatre where gregorian chants and enya were playing.

hope you had fun today. talk to you tomorrow!

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