5 lovely links (you’ll love): appreciating

11 Oct

you know what’s hard? 

it’s hard to write a blog called the appreciator (that is me) when i’m so darn tired, worn out and just pain, well...grumpy.  it’s even harder admitting it to you.  many of you are going through a much harder time than me.  the appreciator can’t complain, can she?  harumph. 

it’s interesting that over the past few days, it has been hard to appreciate anything because i’ve been too busy being busy and stressed out.   you know when you get to that point that you can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel or the break in the trees?

there is one thing you really need to do to re-center (next to praying) and that is start to appreciate.

todays links are to 5 things i appreciate.  and you’re actually going to have to click to see…

1. i appreciate these people who having a bad day for them probably means it is a lot worse than my bad day.

2. i appreciate this and the wonderful person that surprises me with it for dinner sometimes..

3. after the summer we had, i can’t tell you how long i’ve waited for this.  oh, yes, like 10 stinkin’ months!

4. i appreciate the fact that you, loyal reader, won’t mind when i beg off at this very very late hour to go to sleep.  Check out the cool links to the right…

talk tomorrow.  XXOO

One Response to “5 lovely links (you’ll love): appreciating”

  1. russtowne June 8, 2012 at 12:53 am #

    You eat catepillars!?! EEWWW! Kidding! I love sushi too!


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