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appreciating life: vulnerability & ted

5 Jan

i just watched the most amazing TED talk.

i’ve seen a lot of them, but this one was simply awesome.  please click on the highlighted links to watch.  she addresses in a very scientific, researched way our most important and fundamental need to connect.

that is what life is all about. 

our connection with other people.  from there she talks about being vulnerable is our best way to connect but how people don’t let themselves be less than “perfect” or open themselves up to their shortcomings such as the fear of not being loved or reaching out to connect and not connecting.  but this is based on years (6) of stories and common threads.

this is my gift to you – this video.  watch it.  i really got a lot out of it.

if you’re not familiar with TED, then read about it here.  if you travel a lot (or not) just download the TED podcasts on itunes and watch when on the plane.  that is what i do.  some of them i’ve watched 10 times.  here are some of my favorites.  watch out – you’ll get addicted! Just click on the underlined link to watch:

Caroline Casey: looking past limits (wow!!)

Sarah Kay – if i should have a daughter

Mark Bezos – a life lesson from a fireman

Seth Priebatsch – a game layer on top of the world (this is the company i worked with!!)

Eric Whitacre: a choir as big as the internet

Johanna Blakley  (this one i watched 10+ times!)



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