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appreciating others: reggie watts & jane fonda

5 Jun

more than anything i want to get out of my comfort zone.  but i don’t try too hard to do so.  a while ago i mentioned liking airplane turbulence because it jolts me out of that zone and there is a bit of unknowing, uncertainty and immediacy about it.  notice i said that airplane turbulence gets me out of my comfort zone.  not bungee jumping or sky diving but air pockets.  that’s what i mean by “i don’t try too hard to do so”.

sometimes – you can be transported outside your mental comfort zone by just watching a video or reading a book and that is where reggie watts comes in. right now, i’m on a flight from dallas to minneapolis – a small regional jet.  i put in my headphones and started in on catching up on some TED videos.  most if not all – can be transporting.  but these in particular i want to share with you.

reggie watts 

is a brooklyn based artist – comedian and musician.  i’d love to see him live.  he improvises much of his act.  i love him because he is completely OUT THERE.  but in a good way!  what went through my head while watching the TED video was this:

what the hell is he talking about?
people are laughing and i don’t get it
i may be stupid
watch again
really pay attention (note: we’ll talk about that later…)
watch some more
bob my head and jive
come to realize he is poking fun at the pseudo intellelectualism
i feared i didn’t have
at the beginning of me watching this
i love it

check his video out and google him.  way to make me thing differently, reggie.

jane fonda

was next.  blown away at how she is giving the “third act” (or aging) a whole new outlook.  she talks about breaking down this curve – you know the curve – you are born, you peak at mid-age then deteriorate as you age – the third act.  jane is challenging “that’s the way we’ve always thought” and i would say winning, if you ask me.  she has a lot to say and some wonderfully deep thoughts like:

when you get older, you review and re-evaluate  what you’ve been told throughout your life by loved ones – or not- and now being of age to challenge those truths or at least come to the realization that those words or actions probably weren’t directed at you but at themselves.  aging lets you heal and see who you really are, maybe.
she also talks about being a girl and then a woman.  how we’re born all authentically true to ourselves and then we grow up and get hit with wanting to be popular and fitting in and being loved and it beats out of us who we really are.  jane says that in the third act, that authentic spirit can come back full force if it is recognized and cherished.
i’ll tell you one thing, jane and reggie are two thinkers that knocked me out of my mind’s comfort zone on my little plane to minneapolis today.
and there wasn’t even any turbulence.

appreciating: 30 days to change

2 Feb

well, well, well… we’re already into february

and here i am still thinking about resolutions. luckily, i watched this short TED video that lent a new spin on it all for me. it’s about trying something new for 30 days. i dig it because it’s a fresh thought on a resolution. first watch this before we discuss more:

ok, so now the challenge.

30 days are going to go by no matter what. why not feel real good about the end of those 30 days? before we talk about our own ideas, i went to matt’s website to get an idea of what he has done for 30 days. here is what he has done:

1. grew a mustache in 30 days

2. learned 30 new words

3. didn’t check email after 10pm

4. thankful for one thing every day

5. read the new testament of the bible

6. meditated

7. no twitter for a month (yikes!)

8. no TV

9. wrote a novel

10. rode bike to work

you can see more here

this idea of 30 days scares me

because i always have great ideas but follow-through is a problem with me. being somewhat fairly newly married – the fact that i’m actually accountable to someone else has revealed a certain vulnerability in me in regards to follow-through. there has been several examples of this but most recently and notably the groupon example. i bought a groupon last october for the YMCA in dallas for a low rate of $29 to use through December 31st. what a deal. right? wrong. i might as well just flung $29 out the window of my car in the direction of the Y. didn’t go once. now, sweet ROF, does not ever call these things to my attention. which i appreciate (it’s not just a blog…) but now i’m very uber conscience about following through.

what should I do for 30 days? for february?

i’ve given it some thought. not asking for a vote here. i am going to drink 5 glasses of water a day AND i’m going to finish a book. yes, i know that you are supposed to have 8 glasses of water a day. thank you oprah for reminding me. but i barely get in an ounce with my vitamins in the morning.

the big question here is… WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO FOR 30 DAYS??

please tell me in the comment section below…

appreciating life: vulnerability & ted

5 Jan

i just watched the most amazing TED talk.

i’ve seen a lot of them, but this one was simply awesome.  please click on the highlighted links to watch.  she addresses in a very scientific, researched way our most important and fundamental need to connect.

that is what life is all about. 

our connection with other people.  from there she talks about being vulnerable is our best way to connect but how people don’t let themselves be less than “perfect” or open themselves up to their shortcomings such as the fear of not being loved or reaching out to connect and not connecting.  but this is based on years (6) of stories and common threads.

this is my gift to you – this video.  watch it.  i really got a lot out of it.

if you’re not familiar with TED, then read about it here.  if you travel a lot (or not) just download the TED podcasts on itunes and watch when on the plane.  that is what i do.  some of them i’ve watched 10 times.  here are some of my favorites.  watch out – you’ll get addicted! Just click on the underlined link to watch:

Caroline Casey: looking past limits (wow!!)

Sarah Kay – if i should have a daughter

Mark Bezos – a life lesson from a fireman

Seth Priebatsch – a game layer on top of the world (this is the company i worked with!!)

Eric Whitacre: a choir as big as the internet

Johanna Blakley  (this one i watched 10+ times!)



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