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dallas restaurant review: stock and barrel

23 Aug


you’ve got to check out the bishop arts district of dallas.  i can’t wait to go back and explore more.  there have been so many changes since we moved away and back.

i was there recently and just popped in to stock and barrel to have dinner  with friends last weekend and catch a concert at the historic kessler theatre down the street.


i loved my first impression of stock and barrel.  it was busy but not obnoxiously packed, had a great crisp and nice/casual aesthetic  and it had this delicious and faint smell like barbecue bacon inside.    we were seated right away at the time of our reservation and our waiter was attentive but not too much so and had spot-on recommendations.

as you can probably tell from my instagram posts – we eat out a lot.  i find myself ordering similar items no matter where we go.  i’m pretty predictable.  salmon or scallops and sometimes a steak.  big whip.  but here i tried something new.  the wagyu meatloaf with smoked bacon and melted onion hash.  it was outstanding! wait- rewind – we started with the crushed avocado toasts with spanish chorizo and balsamic gastrique and the goat cheese dumplings….oh my.  i think i could have just had that and been done.  everyone was very happy with their dinner and when we looked at our watches and realized our show was about to start, the waiter was awesome at getting us out quickly.


photo creds: top left and bottom: A. Fulford and top right and bottom: Kye R. Lee, staff photographer at dallas morning news.

i would highly recommend stock and barrel in the fun bishop arts district in dallas.

if you’re not running to a show, stay in the neighborhood and go here for a drink afterwards or here for some specialty chocolate

then we got to see some great live music.  for starters it was matt stansberry & the romance.  i loved this band from OKC!


IMG_9121 IMG_9127


the headliner was the relatives of dallas and they were awesome!  we had so much fun.  they had us rolling around on the floor and jumping up and down.  we couldn’t help but laugh.  check them out here:



where to eat this week: detroit

27 Apr

IMG_6437the dime store, located in one of detroit’s oldest buildings  – the dime building, now the chrysler house – is definitely a place to check out while in detroit.  i’ve only eaten there for lunch and both times, it has been excellent.  deb and i shared a huge grilled cheese and truffle fries and each got some butternut squash soup.

i’ve only done two reviews so far in this “series” – this one and this one and i can already tell you i stink at it.  here is my review:  just go there.  i’m not one of those people that can wax poetic about the right crisp around the edges of the cheese that is grilled and the silky, smooth butternut soup that has a kiss of nutmeg at the finish.  wait.  maybe i can?


get here early at lunchtime or else you’ll be waiting in a long line.  the service is kind of like “we’re cool, so you’ll wait while i handle 10 tables” friendly.


the menu is different and i like that.  this is just a snapshot above.  and these fries with the truffle mayo were so scrumptious!  so not on my diet but we split them.  and after it was said and done, we each only paid $10 for one awesome lunch.


check it out:

the dime store

719 griswold street


restaurant review: north dallas: mexican

19 Apr

IMG_6347i’m starting a new series called… ROF’s restaurant reviews.  we’ll explore some places all over the country and give you the scoop.

up first is…. la comida.  

Overall – B+



la comida

5100 belt line road

addison, texas (north dallas)

next to kenny’s italian kitchen and neighborhood services

yelp review here


in dallas, mexican food is a dime a dozen.  everyone has their preference of place with the best margaritas, best chips and best food.  there is miasmi cocina and one of our favorites, meso maya.

but for lunch yesterday, we decided to check out a place neither one of us had been to yet.  this isn’t always easy to get ROF to do because he is a creature of habit.  but he was game.  he threw out mexican and i got on yelp and luckily we stumbled on to this place.

whether you live in dallas or are visiting, patio grazing is where it’s at.  it’s just the thing to do on a saturday or sunday afternoon.  hang out with friends or family on a patio, munch on chips and salsa and sip margaritas.  this would be a perfect place to go.


here is our mini review:


  • great vibe inside and out
  • hip music, kinda like mexican resort beat
  • great colors and decorating
  • excellent chips + salsa
  • service was perfect – no complaints


lacomidainsideminor minus’:

  • my black bean soup was tepid. would have been great hot
  • i wasn’t a fan of my “skinny” margarita but robert liked his.  i don’t like little ice cubes in drinks (except at sonic)

all in all – check it out!

Screen Shot 2015-04-19 at 11.42.53 AM


passing through:jackson, ms:saltine

9 Mar

well, who knew?

I was taken to this awesome restaurant in a part of a big, old 1926 elementary school in fondren, mississippi.  as mainly an oyster bar, it’s appropriately named, “Saltine” and it shouldn’t be missed.  we were there quite early as we were starving and so glad we went.


622 dulling ave

Jackson, ms


i had the flounder chowder that was out of this world.  i was so entrenched in it that i forgot to take a picture of it.  it came with pan seared gulf flounder, sweet potato, clam chowder and this unbelievable pork belly croquette.  of course, we had some oysters too.  ah-mazing.

i snagged these pics off of yelp.  If you find yourself in these necks of the woods – you won’t go wrong eating here.  instant wow factor walking in door and the food is a triple wow. only mistake was getting too full for desert.

good job Jesse + rachel houston! my husband, ROF, wants to learn about oysters and I think you know your stuff.  let me know when you come out with a book!

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