appreciating: 30 days to change

2 Feb

well, well, well… we’re already into february

and here i am still thinking about resolutions. luckily, i watched this short TED video that lent a new spin on it all for me. it’s about trying something new for 30 days. i dig it because it’s a fresh thought on a resolution. first watch this before we discuss more:

ok, so now the challenge.

30 days are going to go by no matter what. why not feel real good about the end of those 30 days? before we talk about our own ideas, i went to matt’s website to get an idea of what he has done for 30 days. here is what he has done:

1. grew a mustache in 30 days

2. learned 30 new words

3. didn’t check email after 10pm

4. thankful for one thing every day

5. read the new testament of the bible

6. meditated

7. no twitter for a month (yikes!)

8. no TV

9. wrote a novel

10. rode bike to work

you can see more here

this idea of 30 days scares me

because i always have great ideas but follow-through is a problem with me. being somewhat fairly newly married – the fact that i’m actually accountable to someone else has revealed a certain vulnerability in me in regards to follow-through. there has been several examples of this but most recently and notably the groupon example. i bought a groupon last october for the YMCA in dallas for a low rate of $29 to use through December 31st. what a deal. right? wrong. i might as well just flung $29 out the window of my car in the direction of the Y. didn’t go once. now, sweet ROF, does not ever call these things to my attention. which i appreciate (it’s not just a blog…) but now i’m very uber conscience about following through.

what should I do for 30 days? for february?

i’ve given it some thought. not asking for a vote here. i am going to drink 5 glasses of water a day AND i’m going to finish a book. yes, i know that you are supposed to have 8 glasses of water a day. thank you oprah for reminding me. but i barely get in an ounce with my vitamins in the morning.

the big question here is… WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO FOR 30 DAYS??

please tell me in the comment section below…

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