las vegas food: dare i say

going to las vegas the third week into my life-changing diet wasn’t the best of ideas,

but it wasn’t about me.  it was about my sister’s birthday – her 40th.  so indulge we did and boy am i paying the price for it now.

i don’t need to tell you that las vegas is an adult playground.  it is over-the-top food, games, shows, people watching (and cigarette smoke which just killed us, by the way).  i’m now sicker than a dog with a fever but i will survive.  here’s a peek at some of the incredible food we had in vegas.  here are some places we went:


this place had some of the best burgers i’ve ever had:

room service had a nice, small breakfast

by far, our favorite night was at mastro’s ocean club in city center by the cosmopolitan and the aria. this restaurant from the atmosphere, service, food was outstanding.  look at this structure inside a shopping center:

we started with a lemon drop martini which came in extra large glasses, the martini shaker and dry ice pouring out of the glass.  it was a pretty spectacular and dramatic cocktail for the table:

then you know you’re at a great restaurant when the waiter (mike) picks three of their best desserts on the house and delivers them to katie as a present at the end of the night:

so as you can see, the diet must continue with just a small weekend set back.  good thing i’m ill because eating hasn’t been my strong suit. 

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