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4 Great Breakfast Recipes

25 Jun


There ain’t nothing like a good egg.  My family loves eggs and we make them many different ways.  My sister, Katie makes a mean fried egg.  She can even flip the egg in the pan without a spatula.   She’s cool.  ROF scrambles eggs like no other.  it’s so simple yet so good.  They are just the right consistency and filled with the previous night’s leftovers.  Like salmon and cream cheese.   My specialty?  Poachies.  





Sometimes I like to venture past eggs and here are some great recipes!

First is blogger Oh Joy’s rainbow pancakes. aren’t these the best idea ever?  especially if you have kids.  Pop over there to get the recipe that is in video format.

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Second, is something that just made my mouth water a little bit.  Baked baguette french toast by the Dash and Bella blog.  I haven’t made this yet but think I will when I have my next overnight guests.


For the third recipe, I’m heading back to eggs.  Check out these awesome egg cupcakes.  Another great company breakfast.  Thanks dine & dish for this recipe!

0b8a1e2d9145dfb6299e5879530fcb85Lastly, how about these amaretto french toast bites by the awesome sweet paul?  Delish!



poachies poachies i love you

12 May

oh how do i love poached eggs.

takes me all the way back to being  just a sweet young thing with red hair and buck teeth.  i believe we have pictures of me sitting in a high chair eating mushed up poachies (as we called them).  my mom used to make them in a plug-in poached egg machine:

and plop them in a cereal bowl and cut up buttered toast into little squares.  The poachies would be a little runny and the warm yellow yolk would coat the toast chunks.  a sprinkle of crunchy kosher salt would be the cherry on top.  i – love – poachies.

so recently, i bought a $20 poachie machine at bed bath body and beyond or whatever that store is called.

so now i can make my own poachies for ROF.  in fact i’ve made them many mornings since i got the $20 poachie machine!

but now i make them the grown-up way

on a proper plate with a knife and a fork.  we’re real formal round here at the appreciator house.

here are some more glamour shots:

and here is how you make poachies with my pan – love this couple.  pretty funny (when he says to her “is using a huge steak knife proper protocol?”)

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