random appreciation being smacked all around (katie)

For many years we’ve shared our lives
One roof we once lived under
Sometimes we laughed, sometimes we cried
Through winter storms and thunder

The younger years have faded fast
But through all times our friendship lasts
Our bond in life remains

As summer brings the happy times
The autumn winds will whisper
A closer friend I’d never find
Than the one I call my sister

(Vernon, 1985)

random act of appreciation today goes out to my sister, katie. 

here is what i appreciate about her:

1. her ability to make people laugh – like seriously laugh – not fake laugh.  just damn funny, that girl is!  however she also has a great ability to …

2. overlaugh.  we call that an “OL”.  sometimes she thinks things are so funny, she does an outside laugh inside and gets some stares.  We all typically chime in and say “OL”.  it always makes us giggle.

3. tells it how it is.  she doesn’t beat around the bush.  i think it is why she has impressed over 500 chevy dealers around the country that she has trained on social media so far.

4. her thoughtfulness.  she gives the best gifts because she puts so much thought into them.  she also just really cares about people so much.  i think sometimes that gets taken advantage of by people – including me, i’m afraid to admit.

5. she has an uncommon amount of common sense.  like an unreal amount.  she can look at something and immediately work a faster, smarter, easier way around it.

6. because of #5, i just figured out why she can do such awesome creative flower arrangements for people’s weddings.  this started out as a favor for a friend (free favor) and morphed into kind a permanent favor as more and more people saw her work.  she actually did the flowers for someone that didn’t only not pay her, but didn’t even get a thank you from.  See #4.

7. she’s a great mentor.  i sat with katie when i first moved to dallas as she held a senior girls bible study in her apartment.  the girls laughed, shared, read and learned.  she is totally an inspiration.

8. the face you make when you pose for the camera.  totally appreciate that.

9. your love for your God daughter – jo jo


i thank God for you every day.  you’re such an awesome, amazing person.  i love that i have someone so close to me who loves me even though i can be difficult to love, sharing (especially of clothes) and who just knows what i know about our family.  i love you as do so many people.

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  1. Katie is awesome! Siblings are cradle to grave friends, if you are lucky. There is no better kind of friend. xo

  2. You readers also have to remember that these are just SOME of the MANY MANY wonderful things about her. My personal favorite is how happy she makes you. You could be crying when you call her, and bursting with enjoyment at the end (before you hang up, of course). I know from personal experiences that she is an AMAZING person, and can get herself or anyone else through ANYTHING. I love you, Katie Krause! 🙂

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