ain’t gonna bake

nope, ain’t gonna do it!

our house is 80+ years old and i believe the oven is just as old.  not really, but this thing heats up the house more than it does the food.  that matched with the fact that it is 180 degrees outside – who the hell-o wants to cook?

me. i kinda want to.

it’s the weekend and i want to make something that gets me some “yums”you pickin’ up what i’m putting down?  so i went looking for something i can make today that wouldn’t heat up the whole house.  let’s check them out together, shall we?  tell me what you’re going to make and i’ll tell you what i’m gonna make.  take your pick:

i stumbled upon these a while ago and can’t get them out of my mind. these look so darn good.  thanks to blue-eyed bakers for the salt river bars and to two tiny kitchens for these peanut butter, pretzel mash-up of goodness bites

do you notice how i start with dessert?  just like a kid.  ok, so let’s move on to the ultimate summer food… chicken salad. you do have to poach the chicken which involves boiling water and that may be too hot right now, but heck, go buy some already cooked chicken – big whip – it’s not like you’re beneath that.  Back to the recipe it’s here.  check out those reviews.   makes me want to run out and make it for breakfast.

next,  who doesn’t want to eat better?  i like to pretend i do but secretly crave marshmallow fluff and peanut butter sandwiches on white bread with a layer of fritos in between layers.  here is some no-bake mac and cheese (the kind in the box is no bake too) but this is from eating well website.

lastly, these granola bars are kid friendly to make.  i like to put that in there as a shout out to all my kiddie-loving and having friends.  got these from a blog called kitchen simplicity. these look simply delish.  And my all time favorite, hummus.  i have not had this recipe because to me, it is MUCH EASIER TO BUY it at eatzi’s (where it is the best) along with some fresh bread.  but this is supposedly the “best hummus ever tasted”

side note: every time i eat hummus in front of my mom, she exclaims

oh, i do not know how you are my child eating stuff like that!”

like it’s so exotic or something.  i swear i’m going to sneak it in something where she is forced to eat it because i know she’d like  it!

tell me below what your favorite no bake recipe is.  (drive through at micky d’s?)

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