the 40 year old engagement

when you’re a girl,

you start thinking about your wedding day early on.  there is so much tradition, beauty and fantasy (and fluff) surrounding the ceremony.  some get so caught up in either trying to get married or the ceremony that who they’re marrying becomes secondary or sometimes not even thirdly or fourthly.   i lived through a lot of that in my 20’s and 30’s.

i always knew i would get married.  never thought i would be 40 before getting married for the first time.   but in hindsight… i’m oh so glad i waited.  it was perfect for me.  maybe it was because it was ground in my head  (as only a protective father can do) as a young girl to “never settle” and to be able to support myself.  so i never settled.  came very close several times,  but thank god i waited.

which brings me to today.  i mean, this day last year.  this very evening,  ROF proposed to me.  in the fairy tale kind of way many tween girls dream about.  boy was i glad i waited.  this weekend last year was one of my favorites ever in all of my 40 years.

i was clueless.  completely.  stop laughing and saying (what’s new?)

so it was friday night last year and we had a super fantastic weekend planned.  had no problem telling everyone what we were going to be doing.  friday night: ROF’s best friend paul and wife, kelly invited us to the exclusive petroleum club in downtown dallas for dinner.  this place (i’d heard) is unbelievable.  you have to be a member to eat there.  then saturday night, our good friends the bolners were having a neighborhood bbq and invited us to come over.  couldn’t wait.  first of all, this is such a fun  family but second of all anthony and carla can cook – big time. however,  i had no idea what was in store.

got to paul and kelly’s apartment at the ashton in downtown dallas,  they live on the 24th (top) floor with breathtaking views.  we got there, had a glass of wine (good wine, i may add) and i went with kelly to play with their baby.  ROF came in and said, come out on the balcony with me – it’s beautiful.  so still clueless, i went out on the balcony with him.

he was pointing out all the places in the city where he had worked and how much he loved dallas and it was raining and lightening a little.  PAUSE.  yes, i said RAINING this time last year.  anyway…  there were these flashes of light and i thought we were going to get hit by lightning.  it was really paul snapping these photos.

he gave me a beautiful ruby engagement ring which he said stands for strong spirit, resilient and  hope. 

then we went to dinner at the p. club by ourselves which was such a treat. thanks paul & kelly.

while at dinner, ROF told me that the party the next night wasn’t really for the bolner’s neighbors but for us!  i thought to myself, well how will everyone be able to come such last notice?  he said everyone knew.

now that got me.

everyone?  yep.  here i was going on and on like a show-off about our great plans for the weekend and everyone was probably like – we know more than you, missy.  mom?  yes, your mom knows.  katie? yep.  megen?  yes.  suzanne? yes and i think your whole office knows.  really?  i got a little worked up knowing all the work that went into this by ROF.

Saturday came and he got a mercedes van to pick the whole family up and take us to the bolners.  there were about 30 people there and the place looked like out of a movie, one great big huge table, friends, drinks, incredible food on the stove, boys in the kitchen cooking up the best meal ever.  then we did some toasts and imitations of us and a little improv.  it was the best weekend ever.


don’t give up or settle.  it’s not worth it.  wait for mr. right!  I did.

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  1. Worth the wait and made me cry. Didn’t know it was a year ago today but remember it like it was yesterday! Congratulations on the Anniversary of your Engagement! LY

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