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poachies poachies i love you

12 May

oh how do i love poached eggs.

takes me all the way back to being  just a sweet young thing with red hair and buck teeth.  i believe we have pictures of me sitting in a high chair eating mushed up poachies (as we called them).  my mom used to make them in a plug-in poached egg machine:

and plop them in a cereal bowl and cut up buttered toast into little squares.  The poachies would be a little runny and the warm yellow yolk would coat the toast chunks.  a sprinkle of crunchy kosher salt would be the cherry on top.  i – love – poachies.

so recently, i bought a $20 poachie machine at bed bath body and beyond or whatever that store is called.

so now i can make my own poachies for ROF.  in fact i’ve made them many mornings since i got the $20 poachie machine!

but now i make them the grown-up way

on a proper plate with a knife and a fork.  we’re real formal round here at the appreciator house.

here are some more glamour shots:

and here is how you make poachies with my pan – love this couple.  pretty funny (when he says to her “is using a huge steak knife proper protocol?”)

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