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Fun Stuff I Found!

14 Mar

I don’t know if you do this or not, but whenever I’m reading something or I see something online that I love, I screen grab it.  Are those two words or one?  Screengrab?

Anyway, I’ve been doing this for years and now that the iPhone actually separates your screengrabs out for you in iphoto – all the things I’ve been saving are right there in one handy album for me!  It’s the 2018 equiv to what I used to do in my teens and 20’s. I would read a shitton (that is a new word I’m making up) of magazines and rip out articles and ads that I liked.  Then I’d either pin them up on my wall (that would be directly on to the wall – no bulletin board or the like) or make photocopies of them and pass the article out to people at work with the date written in at the top.

I digress.  On to the stuff I found. 

This isn’t in any kind of special order because I’m too lazy to actually think about that.  I just uploaded these babies.  Ready for some fun?  ok… read on.

This first one is pretty self-explanatory.  Damn good.  Do you NOT want to make these right away?  Notice, it doesn’t say “yogurt,” it says “cheesecake”.  Get in my tum-tum right now!  The recipe can be found here.

If you know me, you know that the minute the Dane County Farmers Market opens up in Madison – this is me every Saturday morning gathering the homeland’s finest flowers and bringing them home.  Oh, I can’t wait.  I can smell the early morning lake scents wafting into the state capitol and feel the summer against my cheek!  <sigh> I love this photo, so I grabbed it but don’t know where it came from.  IG, I’m sure.


Girls, have you heard of this “capsule” idea?  Boys do this automatically, I believe. If I had the body for it, I would jump on this like white on rice.  Is that politically correct to say?  LOL, I don’t know anymore.  Geez.  Anyway, check this out!  For those of you that want to just throw something on and not think about it but still look super cute – get a capsule!  This is a curated bunch of basic clothes you can mix or match all season long.  I know who would like this of my friends (Megan & Connie?)  Read more about it here and here.

Do you know who this is?  I LOVE LOVE LOVE this photo!  OMG (insert girly scream here) Click on the link if you didn’t catch that.


I grabbed this above because ROF and I play cards EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.  Not kidding.  and YES YOU ARE WINNING, ROF!  And to me, accessorizing is key.  Can you say WANT THIS?!

Someday, I will buy one of these kits and do it.  I really want one.

A long time ago, I bought my friend Susan a similar kit from Anthro and I’d love her tell the story of what happened with that birthday gift that I bought her.

Susan, if you’re reading, please comment below! xxoo

I didn’t have just one pair of these shoes, I had at least three pairs of these shoes.  Not at once but because I WORE THEM OUT!

Who knew?  By the way, you can do this OR pay over $500 for it to be done by a nutritionist. 


Mom?  Wouldn’t this be awesome?  Let someone else figure out the meds.  And yes, this would work perfectly for me too!


Ok, that’s it for now.  I haven’t even been able to make a dent in the things I’ve grabbed so more later.  What have you found?


28 Nov

my mom used to say that as a child i could want to buy something in a gas station.  i don’t understand why that is even worth mentioning.  duh. of course i could!  i think the important thing for all my loved ones around me to grasp about that statement is that shopping is a PASSION for me and has been since i was a child.  in a gas station, no less!

is it shallow to like…things?  i say no.  i say it plays a part in cultivating, evolving and curating your style.  i’ve said it before and i’ll say it again – i LOVE it when someone says to me “THIS IS SO YOU!” that means i’ve developed a style and look that people pick up on.

my good friend, jackie grubb marshall, is so thoughtful and has always through the years given me things even outside of birthdays and holidays that were “so me.”  for example, she got me slang flash cards that i have hung up in my last 3 office walls.  also, white porcelain bulldog salt & pepper shakers and a pillow with our dallas zip code on it.

anyway, back to shopping. this list started as a place for me to gather things i saw on-line that i wanted to buy myself or someone else.  i started it a while ago and after looking at it, think that you might like some of these as gift for someone over the holiday.  here is a link to the whole collection.


for all design lovers, dig on these coasters that are $35.00 for 50.  i use paper coasters i snag from hotel rooms around the world for bedside drinks, sink-side glasses and as spoon rests in the kitchen.  i love the font on these.  get them here. 


by now you know what a big tim ferriss fan i am.  i carry tools of titans around with me everywhere i go which is not easy because it is a million pages long!  his latest book just came out (dying to buy!!) and it is all life advice by the best in the world. $17.85 buy it here.


i love this picture and everything in this store.  Jesus wasn’t about exclusion, He was about inclusion and love.  and he eats with everyone! this sign is $130.00 and you can get it here.


i just read about this in this month’s bon appetit magazine’s gift guide.  it says: “A carbon steel pan gets ripping hot super fast and retains heat evenly, just what you need for getting that crispy crust on the outside of your smash burger or the golden-brown exterior of a perfectly-cooked pancakes. And, just like a cast iron, you can stick it directly into a wood-burning fire or on top of your grill.”  $31 (on sale!)  get it here


i’m a sucker for white in the winter and nothing looks more chic and comfortable than this oversized sweater.  i like all three colors it comes in, actually.  now that i think of it, i like every single thing in anthropologie. every damn thing.  $130 buy it here


supposedly, this is what will give you that dewy, fresh glowing skin you covet.  quite the buzz on this mask you apply at night (like a moisturizer) and wash off in the morning or use as a 10-minute mask. $45 – run, don’t walk here.

happy shopping!

anthropologie or target?

19 Feb

have you noticed that there are some items at target that could pass for being sold at anthropologie?

yep, there are!

i’m ashamed to admit that i’m not a saavy coupon shopper.  never have been.  maybe if i had 3 little cherubs to dress and feed i would be.  but i don’t.  so i shop.  however, my mom did say to me once – who cares where you got it?  once it’s in your house – who cares?  and i am a believer in that.  in fact, the odder the place, the better.

one time, i brought home an old-fashioned file rack from a discount office supply store.  ROF thought i was completely nuts for getting this but LOOK HOW AWESOME IT IS! it’s in our guest room and filled with magazines!  IMG_4409

so that leads me to today’s post.  i’m super impressed with target, most of the time.  while shopping there this weekend, i thought i’d snap a few pics of items i believe could be sold/bought for triple the price at anthropologie.

by the way, i shop at anthro + i love it.  so i’m not dissing them.  i go there monthly for these and i keep my eye out for stuff like this.

owl-cookie-jari’m a sucker for owls.  they are so much not like me – quiet + calculating.   that’s another blog post.  this ceramic, adorable owl cookie jar (or dog treats, odds/ends, pasta jar) can be found at target.


i have these because they’re a beautiful pattern. i love the bit of depth in the knit that is hard to see here. get the towels and the rug.  you need some color in your bathroom, right?

target’s selection of lamps and funky lampshades are not only more reasonable than anthropologie, but they have a much better selection!


you can find jewelry at target that rivals anthropologie.  it’s not always on-trend, as they say – but who is –  for crying out loud.  that’s silly + unoriginal!

jewelryso run, don’t walk to target.  please send me any other finds you’ve discovered!  happy shopping!


all anthropologie all the time

17 Oct

let’s say i rubbed a bottle and a genie came out

and told me that i could have a million dollars but it had to be a gift certificate to one store, what store would it be? 

of course, i would consult with ROF and we’d probably be practical and say something like nordstroms (ha ha we know ROF wouldn’t vote for that) but like, home depot or something like that.  but then…

the genie would say “no, appreciator, you need to pick one store just for you“. 

well, i’d argue and argue but then “anthropologie” would probably be forced out after a lot of thought.  who doesn’t lurve that store?  i love it so much i lurve it!  the in-store styling makes you want to pick up everything and ship it home.  shopping on-line – mey – not so much.  here are some of my favorite things.

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