all anthropologie all the time

let’s say i rubbed a bottle and a genie came out

and told me that i could have a million dollars but it had to be a gift certificate to one store, what store would it be? 

of course, i would consult with ROF and we’d probably be practical and say something like nordstroms (ha ha we know ROF wouldn’t vote for that) but like, home depot or something like that.  but then…

the genie would say “no, appreciator, you need to pick one store just for you“. 

well, i’d argue and argue but then “anthropologie” would probably be forced out after a lot of thought.  who doesn’t lurve that store?  i love it so much i lurve it!  the in-store styling makes you want to pick up everything and ship it home.  shopping on-line – mey – not so much.  here are some of my favorite things.

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