saturday: week in review


this week was awesome.  i’m so appreciative of so many things.  it was labor day weekend and we had monday off and lots of stuff going on.  good friends, parties, birthdays (D turned 40!), seeing friends haven’t seen in a while.  but then it was back to work.

thankfully, i love my job (for real) and this week it took me to beautiful savannah, georgia.  although i did fly in a little early, i worked in my hotel room until dinner and then i got to walk the streets of this beautiful town. the chevy dealers and i got to talk social media the next morning (which is one of my favorite subjects!) this was the second time i got to spend time with them.  super nice.

lastly, ROF had to get his monthly injection in his left eye on friday morning.  seriously, is that not the WORST place ever to get a shot?  i needed to drive him home because he can’t see after that and is in a lot of pain.  thankfully we love his doctor who gave us the good news that there is no bleeding or fluid in his good eye and he can wait 6 weeks instead of 4 for another shot.  we decided that after each shot, once he rested, we’d go to our favorite restaurant, cane russo for dinner.  something to look forward.  so very very good.

here are some pics:

this was the best dinner i had in savannah ever!!

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