inspirations & drags

ok, so with all the travel i do

i have found that i get the most work done in the air.  i mean REAL WORK.  not chase emails all over the place in one frenzy mess.  (did i say that out loud?)  but as many of you know, there is a window of time that you can’t have your laptop out but only your phone.  there is that small window.  i started a long time ago collecting words/phrases of things i find inspiring and things that are drags.  they are just quick nibs or bites and it took me a good couple of months to gather these lists on my cell phone while waiting for the lady to pass by and say ” turn that damn phone off!”


Design books & mags
Vintage hippy things
Balanced mish mosh
Big ideas executed stylishly perfect
Blogs by creative fun playful people
The thought of not taking one too seriously (note: the thought)
Watching cooking shows make everything look so simple and easy
Airplane rides in first class with tons of magazines, no cell service or email
Shopping 4 the perfect thing designed in my mind – and finding it.
My husbands drive and passion for his friends, family & career
Sisters ability to be truly giving without expectations
My moms unwavering support and true interest in what you’re saying
PHPC way of showing us God from the top (pastors) down
Smart car dealers that are willing to be taught, experiment and connect with their audience
Using fine linen naps for pizza and Coke
House music – Chicago style
Cool restaurants
New York city
Woody Allen
Passion, design, decorate, inspire, uplift, care
Praying nonstop to God & Jesus
Unknown beauty aids
Smell of bacon, cut grass, tuberose, peonies, coffee
Saturday mornings
The feeling that everything is ok
Flying through rainstorms
Thoughtful gifts
When people say “this is so you!” which means I have a style they recognize
“I love to hear you laugh”
ROF driving me to the airport
Early morning
The word moxie
Picking up where you left off
Smell of: frying onions, pesto, aftershave, angel perfume, new books
New websites like wantist, pinterest
Ina garten
seeing friends you haven’t seen in a while

i see all those as contributions to style.

now the drags.  usually written when in a bad mood.

Feeling helpless to take control of my weight
That little voice that says “it’s ok to have a smoke”
Stress pains
People who are negative and close-minded and stupid
People who talk about themselves…all.the.time…
The feeling that you have to prove yourself
Being called defensive –  like you aren’t allowed to defend yourself
People that don’t look where they’re walking
Feeling rushed
Feeling not pulled together

Being helpless to help someone going through a hard time
Wanting things
Fake plants or flowers
Entitled bloggers
Disheveled outfits
The word moist  
Driving in a city I don’t know
Eating something knowing I shouldn’t
The word pantie
People that say “don’t tell anyone” ( I say it all the time)
Having an on-going mental list of “things I’ll never do” like be an Olympian or iron chef
Slowed metabolism
Weeding out friends
Monday mornings
Men that don’t stand up for women
People that rush to try to beat you in line
Moms who think that the whole world is as impressed with their kids as they are

I guess the question is here is – how much time do you spend dwelling on your inspirations and on your drags?

i pray we all focus on inspirations.  happy friday, folks.

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