last day of travels – santa fe

yesterday we rolled into santa fe, new mexico. ROF had been here several times (like 8) but it was my first time. he kept saying how much he knew i’d like this place and he was right. he gave me a driving tour of the downtown area and then we stopped at a wonderful restaurant called:


there were many of reasons to love this upscale eatery: the white walls and small rooms, the awesome bar and the great service. but i loved the two ladies sitting next to us who were in their 80’s dishing up the local gossip. they cracked us up.

we had asparagus soup, chicken salad and tiger prawns. great way to start our trip.

we then headed over to the famed canyon road – a couple of miles of of art galleries. #2 in art sales behind new york. these places were fabulous and we spent the afternoon checking out the art. not only was the art work great, but the old houses that the galleries were in were unbelievable.

i really liked a piece by billy schenck. an american painter who incorporates techniques from photo-realism with a pop art sensibility that both exalts and pokes fun at images of the west. he was andy warhol’s assistant. this is the piece on display that i could see hanging in my home office.

we walked around the plaza and window-shopped. it was freaking freezing out! we went to the coyote cantina and sat outside and it started to hail, i kid you not.

dinner that night was absolutely outstanding. ROF and i have been making superior healthy food choices as of the last month and a half. tonight we slightly splurged but not really as we shared. honestly, one of the best dinners we’ve ever had:

coyote cafe

walking home to our hotel, the sky was an azure color and so beautiful.

speaking of our hotel – since we stayed only one night, we mailed it in and stayed at the hilton on the square. but as it turns out, we did not mail it in – it was….SWEET! 400 years old and rooms completely modernized with fresh art – it was a perfect choice!

this morning found us at pasquel’s at 8am opening time for an award winning breakfast and coffee.

now we are back on the road headed to big d. only an 10 hour drive.

luckily, ROF and i love to drive together so i’m looking forward to the day.

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