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21 Apr

“eating healthy” can be delicious and good for you. 

duh.   everyone stumbles on to things at their own speed, right?  well, it has taken me a while to get to this point.

ROF and i are going to a nutritionist for a little over 2 months and have really been watching what we eat.  no, i don’t mean that we’re just looking at what we’re eating – we’re making better choices.  it’s odd because i’ve actually been cooking more.

my latest favorite is ellie krieger.  honestly, i wasn’t a big fan of her food network show and for no good reason – actually really like them now – but probably because i’ve been overly obsessed with ina garten for way too long.

i digress.  back to ellie.

i bought her cookbook and have made a 1/2 dozen recipes and they are over-the-top delicious!

from her website:

A registered dietitian, Ellie has a master’s degree in nutrition from Teacher’s College, Columbia University and completed her undergraduate degree at Cornell University. Ellie was an adjunct professor at New York University in the Department of Nutrition, Food Studies, and Public Health. In her years in private practice, she counseled a variety of clients, from homemakers and CEOs to notable celebrities.

Getting married later in life and not having any kids, it is so cool when i actually cook something that ROF raves about and i cook one of her dishes that he REQUESTS (!) on a regular basis.  the baked shrimp with tomatoes & feta.

it only has 293 calories for a cup and 1/2 serving.  it is so flavorful and delicious.  get the recipe here.  i’ve also made…  this is so so good.  one weekend i made it twice in a row.  get that recipe here.

well, i’m off to the “accessible luxury” event for texas scottish rite hospital for children.  am looking forward to it!

happy saturday!

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