ne’er had i found on earth

15 Apr

Ne’er had I found on earth a spot that had such power to please,

Such shadows from the summer sun, such odors on the breeze;
I threw my mantle on the ground, that I might rest at ease,
And stretched upon the greensward lay in the shadow of the trees.
There soft reclining in the shade, all cares beside me flung,
I heard the soft and mellow notes that through the woodland rung;
Ear never listened to a strain, for instrument or tongue,
So mellow and harmonious as the songs above me sung.
from the praise of spring by gonzalo de berceo 1180-1246
–Translated by H. W. Longfellow

there is something magical about new mexico.

the smell of pinon wood burning, the cool breeze, the sense that the grounds have been appreciated by many many people and animals. ROF and i took a great walk this morning – a 2.6 mile trail down to the Rio Grande river and around and back. it was windy and chilly but beautiful. there were signs that said to beware of wildlife like wild cats. i do not appreciate that because i’m instantly scared but ROF’s ever-loving laughter at my fraidy cat tendancies calm me somehow and i march on with confidence.
we were treated to a dance by the indigenous people outside our balcony. we sipped on green tea while ROF joined in the fun:
and then we had an excellent dinner on site at the corn maiden restaurant. it looked so quiet and peaceful outside, inside it was alive and had a great bar and a bunch of different rooms with a view of that beautiful mountain behind us.

hope you have a great sunday! XXOO

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