holiday traditions

7 Dec

i’ve asked my family and friends to weigh in on their favorite or new holiday traditions and my bestest sister in law gladly participated.   unfortunately my other friends and family named joan, katie, rof and demian did not.  it’s my blog and i fully feel comfortable calling them out.  HA.

so back to my bestest susan.  i am thrilled to be spending a couple of days over the holidays with my east coast family this season.  even more excited now that i see how she has decked the halls!  i can’t tell you how in love i am with the prendeville house.  high up on a hill overlooking hills and hills and trees and rivers – this house is so warm and beautiful.  i can’t wait to be sipping coffee in pjs with all the prendeville’s and whipping michael and bill in gin rummy while looking out their massive picture window to the snow falling.  sigh.  can’t come quick enough.

thanks susan for participating – i appreciate you. 

one tradition i love around the holidays

is decorating my home for christmas!  i like to “deck the halls” during the weekend after thanksgiving and then enjoy my christmas house all season long.  i love to sit and look at the trimmed tree with my husband in the evening when it is dark outside.  i always use tiny white lights and like to squint at them and see them blur.  i took these pictures last weekend.  i appreciate the opportunity to share them.

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