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6 Dec

i’ve got a secret obsession with candles.

i’m not sure when it started. 

might have been in my 20’s in chicago when i smoked non-stop in my apartment with my friends and hated the smell so would fire up the vanilla scented votives during our pre-party parties (that is when you get together at the apartment before going out to the parties).  the next day the room would smell like vanilla marlboro light with a side of lite beer.  nice.

or maybe it was

when i moved into the coolest apt on lasalle and chestnut in chicago and we’d have dinner parties and the candles played a big part in creating a real funky ambiance and warmed up the room that had a tall ceiling.

i don’t know what did it and quite honestly, who cares.  candles rock.  they are something that is alive and kicking, the flame signifying warmth and love.  and this is saying a lot from someone that also has an obsession with fire.  some people don’t like candles with a scent, but i like them.  i like smelling a holiday or a flower.  here are some links to all things that light:

1. i’m not too into “foofy” (pronounced foo-fee) candles but this is one i had to include in the gift bags we did for our guests who came in for our wedding.  i  got this candle for my birthday from a friend and the minute i lit it up i loved it.  it actually smells like my favorite perfume: angel.  it is pretty strong but i love it.  check it out here.

2. check out these creative uses for candles.  i especially like the one that uses a wine rack for votives .

3. my favorite place to purchase candles is anthropologie. you pretty much can’t go wrong with this selection.

4. it’s no secret that people who never go to church go around Christmas time.  and Jesus thanks you for that.  when talking about Christmas, you have to talk about the candlelight services on Christmas eve.  talk about love, twinkly candle lights.  my favorite part is when you have to light the candle from the person next to you.  if you are in dallas and looking for an great, welcoming church, check out ours.

last link #5.  napastyle has great candle things.  check them out here.  my favorite is the mercury glass votives.

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