slumming it at the mansion

this time of year with all the parties is so much fun –

friends, work, family and i love it all. it’s fun to get cleaned up and be wined and dined and i got to do this last thursday. ROF and i were invited to the duke party at the beautiful mansion on turtle creek.

this was a party that ROF told me was one that couldn’t be missed- not only because it was in this historic, beautiful hotel but because the people were the best. and he was right. what a treat…

the party started with cocktails and hor d’oerves, which most do, and after everyone took their seats, i noticed a sweet little blue box at all the ladies places that was oh so recognizable…

everything was twinkly and gorgeous sounding

with a set of people playing the strings in the corner. the evening started with lovely jeff turner welcoming everyone. he had his guitar and everyone sang a couple of stanzas of ‘silent night’ together. it is always awkward … singing together in a place that isn’t church or at least there is another loud instrument (like an organ) to drown you out. people are let into the fact that you are clearly mouthing it or mispronouncing words (i tend to always say “wild” instead of “mild” in silent night) but nonetheless it started out the evening with a sense of comaraderie and i loved how it made me feel – all warm and fuzzy.

dinner was outstanding: famous tortilla soup (this was where it all started with mr. dean fearing) followed by salad, lobster and filet and desert. the merlot was flowing as well. i snapped some pics as i floated around in the fairy tale land that is the mansion. we ended up floating by the bar which – i have to say – is way cool. ROF and i decided we are definitely going back there. dark and black and white with little rooms and a live band…everything a good evening should have.

view from my plate
front lobby and restaurant
ROF and good friend tim
new friends at our table
looking down from the top floor
entrance to the bar

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  1. Amy, your dad took us to the mansion on turtle creek and I remember the tortilla soup! I still talk about the experience of dining there which was probably 15 or 20 years ago.

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