fargo & good food: oxymoron?

23 Mar

up until this week, the only thing i ever thought about when i heard the word “fargo” was this:

but i actually went to the real fargo, north dakota this week with the CEO of my agency:  harold and beth out of the minneapolis/chicago office and mark from our media partner, usim.  we went for a meeting and had some time before our flights to check out the town of fargo.  we discovered the most unbelievable restaurant.  do you like how i said “we”?  if beth, harold and mark are reading this, they are saying to themselves “fulford, you didn’t discover anything…poser”  THEY discovered it the night before and we all went back for lunch.  this place belongs in austin, chicago or minny – not fargo! 

don’t get me wrong i’m not dissing fargo.  from the 24 hours i was there it seemed like quite the place.

but still – this place was off the hook good.

SIDENOTE:   isn’t life so much more grande when you work with fun people?  we had quite the team in fargo and not only did we all feel great about the work we did and the great people we met but the laughs at lunch made it an all around enjoyable experience.  it’s so important to not take yourself TOO seriously and have the ability to enjoy the company of people you work so hard with together.  ok, now back to the food.

here are some great pics from our lunch yesterday.  we got to meet the chef nicknamed “Dirty” who was this young, local fargoian cooking up unbelievable goods.  harold even bought us all tee-shirts –

Harold and Mark

Amy, Harold, Beth

so that was our lunch in fargo.  lovely being there but for me, not lovely getting home!  storms in the big d prevented me from getting home so i flew straight into cleveland and just got home last night.   talk to you soon.  always appreciate good, healthy food and hard-working, fun people.   XXOO

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  1. Katie Krause (@krausekatie2003) March 25, 2012 at 5:41 pm #

    Holy Cow! That looks so good! I am hungry now…..


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