mad for these mad men looks

what’s not to not like about mad men?  being in advertising, i can assure you that not much has changed since the 60’s. 

just kidding.

plenty has changed.  oh those were the days…  i wouldn’t know (except for watching the show) HOW OLD DO YOU THINK I AM ANYWAY?

i’m mad for this show and not just the fashion…. here’s what i love:

1. the smoking.  i know – smoking is gross and bad for you.  i know, ok?  

but you didn’t know that back then!  what a great accessory.  something to twirl around your fingers as you coyly wait for him to take out his lighter and light your smoke for you.  something to show your anger by exhaling with drama and throwing the smoke to the ground with a stomp.  or just simply something to do at the bar waiting for your martini…

2. don draper.  

the bad boy you hate to love.  secret-keeper, womanizer & egotistical – perfect ingredients for the consummate ad man.  this scene is so fantastic.  it is what everyone thinks of when you think of advertising – pitching an ad campaign.  emotional and passionate.  love it.


3. peggy.

making it on madison avenue with the big boys and doing it the right way.  of course there was that sad slip up in season one with peter campbell, but she moves from secretary to don to copy writer and one of don’s core people and confidants.  go peggy!

4. the style.

i love the dresses and anything joan wears.  what great vintage looks!  i also love how people got dressed up for work.  would be a pain, but still fun.  you know why it wasn’t a pain back then to dress up for work?  you had more time.  you weren’t so REACHABLE.  your stupid cell phone wasn’t ringing or buzzing or texting every minute.  when you left in the morning – you were at work and when you came home, you were home.  so you had time to get dressed up.  that’s my theory and i’m sticking to it!

in big anticipation of tonight’s comeback of mad men on amc after a 17 month break, i’m appreciating all the shows that glamorize my profession.  maybe i can coast on the vibe for a while even though you couldn’t pay me to live back in that day and time!

hope you’re all tuning in.  if not, order season’s 1 – 4 now on netflix and settle in for a summer of fun then catch up to us.

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