appreciating really good friends & party of all parties!

21 Oct

there are many reasons i married my husband, ROF.  

one was how many really good friends he has.  it wasn’t that he has a lot of friends, which he does.  or the fact that they are all really great people, which they are.  but it was what i learned from him and his friends.  in order to have really good friends, you have to be a really good friend.   it sounds like a no brainer but you have to make a concentrated effort to do so – it isn’t something that you just get handed.  some people prioritize other things before being a good friend and that is everyone’s perogative.  i think i have a lot to learn from him.  while i have plenty of good friends and people i love and who love me back, this is an area i can always be learning.

you have to listen more than you talk, be willing to go above and beyond the call of duty for a fun time or a friend in need, you have to build traditions.  whether it is watching a football game and drinking bloody marys together or just grabbing a cup of coffee and talking about really deep, hard subjects.

his friends threw us a outstanding party last night, i couldn’t wait to share some photos.  thanks so much to moody, paul, anthony, d, curt, tim, tod, todd and tom.  and thanks so much to susan and jennifer and everyone who made it such a memorable night and make us so so sad to leave.  we’re positive that no one in michigan will write us a rap song (thanks, david bolner) and perform it with such gusto.  thanks to all that came to be with us!

from an artist who sketches “butts” to a photo booth to sammy’s BBQ (we had our reception there!) to the “screaming o’s” desserts – everything was wonderful!


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  1. sprende October 21, 2012 at 3:56 pm #

    Really great photos of what I am sure was a great party. Such good friends. Lucky you. xo


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