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23 Oct

sometimes, when i need a boost of inspiration, i turn to my old college textbooks. yes, i know that sounds odd because (those that know me know) I strive for relevancy in an ever-changing, consumer-driven world. why would you go back 20-30-40 years to get those nuggets of wisdom? because change just for change’s sake is meaningless without core strategy. and in advertising, those that led the way “back in the day” had that and then some. it is FROM that place of core strategy to where we must then grow, evolve and be relevant in marketing – even today.

for example, here are my past inspirations:

david olgilvy (main inspiration for being in advertising) – his book sits on my desk even to this day:


or good ole leo burnett. i would walk by leo burnett every day when in college in chicago. i would dream about working there some day. do you know that every day, employees get an apple on their desk?


or charlotte beers- brilliant – paving the way for us women!


i have many modern day advertising heros as well. but there is only one that i want to highlight.
before I do, i have to tell a little story.

on october 13th, it would have been my grandma’s birthday. she has been gone now for 24 years. i loved my grandma. she was strong, opinionated, smart. i was thinking of her when i asked my mom if I had any traits from my grandma. after much discussion, the answer was… no -not really. it wasn’t until later that day when i thought more about our conversation and i realized it was my mom who i resembled – more than my grandma. how wonderful is that?


my mom does such a fantastic job of advertising for a restaurant and grill in her neighborhood that they turned her volunteer job into a paid job! and she does such a good job of it because she enjoys it and has a passion for it. yep, i’m proud to be my mom’s daughter!

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  1. Fran Shelton October 24, 2012 at 7:22 am #

    Great reflection! I especially enjoyed how you tied past books to the gifts of your grandmother and Mom–YOU are terrific! I think you have attributes from both generations! hugs

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