3 fantastic & fabulous recipe resources

19 Oct

i don’t know too many people who have the meal thing all together.  i always want to make time to do dinner right, but end up working all day and going out.  i think there does come a time of diminishing returns for always going to restaurants to eat.  it isn’t a treat anymore, not special.

here are 3 resources to find some good recipes or help you organize your meals.  

1. foodgawker.com

i’m overwhelmed at the number of food blogs out there.  they are absolutely amazing too.  the photography, step-by-step pics – it’s crazy!  foodgawker.com organizes it in a nice, easy to see grid.

you can sort by category and customize your own page and recipes.

but then you choose a picture and it takes you right to the blog with the recipe:

and boys, if you think this is just a chick thing, think again!  you can find bbq, things to grill, smoke, kill – whatever you want!

2. emeals.com

a friend clued me into this website and i signed up for the weekly menu for 2 for “clean eating” at whole foods.  every wednesday you get an email of only two pages.  one is a shopping list BY AISLE and WITH COST (!) and the other page are 7 recipes for dinner.

you can choose from a family of 4, family of 2 and from many different stores or general and diet.

3. just plain food blogs.  all these are really fun and creative.  google any of them.  i would provide links for you but i’ve got to run.  hope you have a great dinner planned for the weekend – stay at home!

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      Miss you, Fran!! Lets talk soon!

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