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in my feedly

6 Aug

i’m slightly obsessed.

but by now, you’ve probably already clued into that.  and my obsession of choice is not TV (hate watching it unless it’s a really good series in which ROF + i tend to watch them all at once like this and this) or exercising (even though it should be.)  but my obsession is reading blogs.  i think i can contribute my A.D.D. to it.  like magazines, they are quick reads.  but i get so much out of them.  or you could say i know a little bit about a lot.  design blogs, food blogs, health blogs…<sigh>… i could go on forever.

i’ve also tried several different kind of readers or rss readers.  rss stands for <real simple syndication> and i’ve gone back to feedly.  they’ve been revamped quite a bit and they bring all my blogs into one place so i don’t have to jump around.

as you can see i follow a lot of ‘girly’ blogs.  but if you are one of the two guys that reads my blog,  besides my husband, feedly can pull together all your boy things as well – from business reads to sports to news —– it can all be put in one place.

like how i totally generalized in the previous paragraph?  made me chuckle a little.  crack myself up.  not that women don’t read that stuff.  you know what i mean.

here’s what i have in my feedly:

Screen Shot 2014-08-06 at 7.40.31 PM Screen Shot 2014-08-06 at 7.41.30 PM

i appreciate: samantha french

2 Sep

from samanthafrench.com

i adore her art.

thanks to victoria at sfgirlbybay for introducing me to her a while ago.  it is now even more exciting that sfgirlbybay has a great contest (which i gladly entered) with s. french.  her latest pool collection is so very refreshing to look at.  i love feeling something from art.  plus i’m a bit addicted to the color orange right now.  or obsessed might be a better word for it.

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5 lovely links (you’ll love)

2 Aug

today is all about design.

did you get the memo?  well, stop thinking about your “to do” list and check out today’s 5 lovely design links.  i think you’ll totally love these.  for sure.  for sure.

link #1: sfgirlbybay.   i’m sure i’ve talked about victoria elsewhere in this blog but love isn’t a strong enough verb to describe her blog.  oh, and she’s got the followers to prove it.  it is my addiction.  click on over and check her out.  she is in san fran, by the way.

link #2: belle maison.  julie’s website here has beautiful, wonderful rooms and looks.

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