5 lovely links (you’ll love)

2 Aug

today is all about design.

did you get the memo?  well, stop thinking about your “to do” list and check out today’s 5 lovely design links.  i think you’ll totally love these.  for sure.  for sure.

link #1: sfgirlbybay.   i’m sure i’ve talked about victoria elsewhere in this blog but love isn’t a strong enough verb to describe her blog.  oh, and she’s got the followers to prove it.  it is my addiction.  click on over and check her out.  she is in san fran, by the way.

link #2: belle maison.  julie’s website here has beautiful, wonderful rooms and looks.

link #3: my friend megen gave me this link to check out bumblejax.  what they can do with your photos and turning them into art is amazing.  can’t wait to use them.

link #4: shanna murrah illustrated wall decals.  you must check these out, i’m not going to ask you twice.

link #5: just found time and materials tumblr site. not technically a design site, i don’t believe, but look at these photos.  b-e-a-utiful.

tomorrow we continue the “story”.  can’t wait till we meet again, friend.

What do you think?

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