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mugging down

1 Aug

i’ve always wanted to collect something.

but could never decide on what.  my sister collected hotel supplies (there’s a story behind that) and shot glasses (so 1980’s).  my aunt is a great collector of various themes.  my mom had dabbled in various interesting artifacts.  i used to gather matches from places we’ve been to but no one hands out matches anymore – i guess so they don’t encourage smoking.  they also take up a lot of room.

well, the wait is over, folks.  i’m collecting city mugs by starbucks.  this DOES NOT MEAN i am a fan of starbucks.  i most certainly am not.  way too mainstream for me.  i am a coffee snob.   however, these mugs have driven me slightly coo-coo obsessive.  ask my friend and sister-in-law, susan and her husband , mike. i dragged them to 3-4 (maybe 5?) starbucks in desperate search of a san antonio city mug.  as it turned out – they were out.  like in the whole city.

i find this fun because i travel a lot and i’m starting to get quite a fun collection of colorful mugs.  this does not mean i won’t accept them from friends/family across the country (hint hint) as susan sent us an awesome indianapolis mug (because someone who shall remain nameless forgot to bring me back one when he was there) and a new york (!!) mug.

they have these all over the world and i’d love to get a paris one – obviously from visiting paris.   oh yeah – these are useable mugs.  ROF and i drink our morning joe from these each day.

snagged at the airport starbucks with a screech of sheer joy

got this yesterday, at the airport, once again. this was way up top, like on display and the lady looked at me like i was nuts asking her to get it down for me.

week in review

15 Oct

afternoon, friends. 

quick review on the week as i am so glad the weekend is here. 

what an awesome weekend it is! 

this week we launched 24 more bloggers in chevy traverses’ in houston, texas.  that’s 59 pretty popular bloggers in some pretty cool cars.  on top of that, i have a partnership with SCVNGR that is a very hot mobile company out of boston.  we’re launching the chevy sonic adventure in 27 markets across the country.  it’s like a local “amazing race” type of deal where someone wins a brand new chevy sonic after 2 hours of racing around the city answering questions on their mobile phone. we’ll be in dallas, ft. worth and houston in texas in november.  we’ll also be in cities all over the country. it has been one of those wheels off kind of weeks.  didn’t know which way i was coming or going.  my sister also trained dealers in norfolk, va on social media which turned out to be a success.  you know what?  i love what i do.  i love being given the freedom to change what “experiential” means to brands and consumers.

didn’t like not being able to blog though.

being creative for business and being creative for fun are two different things.  so i’m going to change things up a little bit on my blog.  expect some fun to start happening right here. oh yea.

if you want to check out some of the stuff that we do, check out the buzz that happened in dallas/ft worth after we put ladies in their new cars… here is what some wrote on their blogs…






suzanne and angie @6am moving cars in houston.

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