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lobsta, boston & gen y: saturday july 27 week in review

27 Aug

week in review

since this blog is more about me appreciating things,  i’ve decided i’m going to start a week in review in pictures on saturdays.

you know why?

because i appreciate being alive.  not kidding.  on my flight home from boston, i bought a magazine (SHOCKER) and it was a september issue showcasing people who lost a loved one on 9/11.  it asked them what they do on that particular day to remember.  now when i was reading this, I was scrunched, i mean scrunched, in the middle seat flying from boston to st. louis – why? – well that is another story.

anyway, i was trying hard not to full-on blubber reading these stories.  tears running down my face, there was a bit of a choked back sob that came out more like a soft snort.

it was really touching and reading it just made my heart ache for those people.  one story was a daughter remembering her 79 year old mom who was very much a vibrant lady with a great sense of humor.  her mom was going to come and live  with her and her family and moving day was 9/11.  her mom was flying.  you get the picture.  and you probably know similar stories.  so we have to remember. and appreciate every little moment.  so here is my first week in review.  

i hope you’re having a great weekend.

i saw this quote and loved it. my team is awesome. we created this really fun dinner bag for a friend where we all made dinner and packaged it up real cute.

was in boston this week and had to have a lawbstah roll and captured this pink coffee cup

i call this sleeping pearls. this sweet lady was so dainty until she fell asleep and let out noise like a fog horn.

this was the chandelier in the hallway of the omni parker hotel in boston

carpet at the omni

we held an impromtu focus group at TMG this week with 10 gen y'ers to see if we are on the right track. we are!

super funny. when i "checked in" on foursquare, there was one person already checked. i opened the picture and this was who had checked in. EEK!

really exciting to be at a young start-up like scvngr. what energy and drive. really pumped some life into me - very exciting. i refuse to get old.

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