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9 Nov

what can i say, i’m speechless. 

today in a nutshell: woke up and worked at hotel until noon.   caught a cab with jeanie to lunch on our way to seminars.  opening day didn’t start until a little later.   lunch was right off bleeker street, one of my all time favorite streets in the whole world.  this was the cutest little french restaurant i’ve ever seen.  when i say little, i mean LITTLE.  i was like GIANT in this place, but it was ok because it was so cute.

speaking of cute, i was facing jeanie, crammed into the back of the restaurant staring at her when she said “boy this place is adorable” and i smartly retorted “yeah, all i see is you!”  and no longer did I say that and did the actor jake gyllenhaal walk in and sit in a little room right above and beyond jeanie.  ha.  now i had a better view.  his sister is actress maggie and he was in many movies, one was brokeback mountain.  this is what he looks like:

but here is how it went down on text (which i happen to think is pretty funny) and my quick pic i took trying not to look like i cared or like i was a tourist:

then we walked out and walked into cortney and robert novagratz from sixx design and the hgtv show she has with her husband and 7 kids.

then we heard some very inspiring speakers at the start of adtech – which is why I’m here.  tonight, we saw “mountaintop” with angela bassett and samuel jackson and it was one of the best plays i’ve ever seen.  this is how close we were:

can you tell how close we are?

here are some other snaps i took.  have to get to sleep – long long day tomorrow!

2 Responses to “more from NYC”

  1. Joan Krause November 9, 2011 at 8:04 am #

    I know I keep saying this, but, I LOVE THIS POST – I want to be in new york city – just like you and i were 10 years ago. mom

  2. Katie Krause (@krausekatie2003) November 9, 2011 at 8:43 pm #

    How fun! I love that picture of Jeanie! Looks like you had good weather too!

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