love my home but… love new york

not a big post today/tonight.  but so glad to be in the big nyc.  nothing beats this city – nothing.  the energy, the diversity – something i miss while in dallas.  i loved sitting at dinner tonight and listening to the folks next to us speaking some language i don’t think was spanish, french or german but definitely wasn’t english.  then going to the corner shop to the korean guy selling me my orange juice.  sounds real stupid to some people but feeling a bit land-locked in the ole big D.  so good to be here!

this is way out of my comfort zone to speak on but i think about how hard the kids work to get good grades and finish half of college before they even become a senior in high school.  that is very good and admirable (don’t get me wrong!) but think that also the lesson of life and travel is good too.  you see, you can stay in a place and do really well at school and see the same people and then leave and go away to college – anywhere – or say, NYC and find you’ve run a good race  but because your eyes are now open to different things, it was maybe, well… maybe the wrong race you ran! 

just sayin…

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